Reilly and Jayaraj
I’d like to start out by saying something you’ve probably heard from me and the other volunteers hundreds of times; this was the most amazing thing I’ve ever done. I am so lucky and grateful to have the support from my friends and family to allow myself to come and be a part of this.
Reilly with Jennifer
This week was everything I expected and more. It was so fun to see new things and meet new people each day, then come back to all the kids each night. At first I was actually super nervous. Would the patients be hostile? Would all the students hate me? As it turns out, neither of the two actually happened. The people became my favorite part. They were all so full of love despite disfigurements and holding their fingerless hands was one of the most touching moments of my life. Just how gentle and kind and genuine they were shocked me. There really is no better way to describe it than that. However sappy it may be. And the kids, don’t even get me started. They we’re all so fun right off the bat! And incredibly strong for their age. They leave their family for months at a time, and get close to a group of volunteers for a week or so before they leave again, not to mention they have so much faith in their sponsors some of whom they never meet. It’s really admirable. 
 The real thing that stuck out to me was that every car, every shack, every person packed onto one motorcycle has a life. These people don’t know who I am, they probably don’t care either. It struck me how tiny and insignificant everyone is, yet, one person has the power to make a difference to one person and vice versa. I learned so much from every open sore, and each girl who wrote me a cute letter before I left. The biggest thing was knowing that I wasn’t insignificant to them, and they mattered to me. I definitely have a new frame of mind I would never have had if I wasn’t blessed enough to come. For that I’m so thankful to rising star for showing me a little kindness goes a long way :) 
Kelly and Saroja
Reilly and Sagayam

— Reilly Falter
Volunteer 2013

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