In the past summer months Rising Star Outreach has been blessed and really relied on the support of volunteers to pull off some great and unique events.  Your hard work and support has increased the awareness of the organization and the needs of those that are affected by leprosy. Without your love and support of this organization the summer would not have been the success it was and you have more than our thanks, but those of the kids on our campus and the members of the colonies that we serve.  To demonstrate the power of the Rising Star volunteer’s impact here is a quick recap of their outstanding work.

Golf Tournament and President’s Brunch

Annually this is the largest fundraiser for Rising Star.  This is an event that cannot be completed without the help of volunteers that start preparations days before.  We had volunteers driving the Red Ledges carts delivering drinks and snacks to the golfers on a warm and sunny day.  We even had a volunteer witness the hole-in-one; the fourth in the history of the course.  Volunteers were integral in the collection of donations and they worked as advocates by answering questions and sharing their Rising Star experiences.  Our volunteers also donated their talents by providing food and preparing the flower arrangements.  There were over 25 volunteers that donated their time for us, making this one of the most successful golf events.

Slide the City

1,000 ft  slip n’ slide in the middle of Salt Lake was something to see!  32 volunteers came to help hundreds slide the 1,000 feet on inflatables of every shape and color on this warm summer day. Our volunteers made swag bags, ran the check in booths and helped recapture slider’s inflatables they lost as they bumped and laughed their way to the bottom. Rising Star Outreach received a donation for each volunteer for a total of over $1,900.

Lantern Fest

Lantern Fest was this past weekend on August 20th where over Rising Star volunteers helped over 8,000 lanterns rise into the Utah night sky.  We supported this activity with 45 volunteers who dedicated their time to packing s’mores boxes, manning check-in, security and safety, activities, manned the swag bags and merchandise tents.  Rising Star Outreach received a donation for each volunteer provided for a total over $2,500.

This summer over 100 volunteers donated over 350 hours!!!  Your love and support is overwhelming and will bless generations.

Gratefully yours,

The Rising Star Outreach Team:
Callie, Aubrey, Mike, Carrie, and Amy

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