Working in the school is such a wonderful experience. Every day I get to see the children’s cheerful faces, and they are so excited when the volunteers come into the classroom to help. 

Morning with UKG
A typical day in volunteering in education beings with UKG morning fundaments. The second week of July the UKG class made handprints pictures for their parents to give to them on parents-day. This was the first time most of the UKG kids had ever used paint. The class was so excited to paint their hands and print it on paper, and it made it even more special that they were able to give it to their relative that weekend.

Another class that volunteers enjoy is Library Time. We often split into small group and read stories or popcorn read as a whole class. Recently we have done reading comprehension activities with 3rd, 4th, and 5th standards. The students read a descriptive paragraph together, and then drew what the paragraph is about. One of these reading comprehension activities was about a monster. It was a lot of fun to use the details from the story combined with our imaginations to create a picture. 

UKG Class


Value education is also a new part of the curriculum. This class teaches moral development and focuses on a different word each month. Last week was “trust”; this is week is “forgiveness”. Value education takes a lot of planning, but when creative volunteers get together some fabulous ideas develop. Most of the school day the students listen to one teacher lecture at the front or the classroom, therefore Value Education is a good opportunity for students to work together in small groups. When the students work in groups it is easy to see them develop stronger communication skills, tackle more complex problems than they could on their own, share different perspectives, pool knowledge and skills, and develop new approaches to resolving differences. We have acted out dramas, made up songs, and even done “trust-falls”. 

The volunteers feel they are making a difference in the children’s education:

“I love education day. Working with the kids is the best part about Rising Star Outreach. It is so inspiring to teach time. Their school is different, but I like it the way it is,” said Grace.

Maddy also included that:

“I have really enjoyed my experience volunteering in the classrooms at Rising Star. I think it is very beneficial to have us in the classroom with the kids to show them that someone cares about their education. It reminds them that they have a support system cheering them on. The school here at Rising Star Outreach is run vey well and is making a positive influence in all of the kids lives.” Maddy

–Rosie Tempka
Education Coordinator 2013

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