We wanted to give you some follow up on Hayley and her goal to buy a goat for a microbusiness.  Last night Haley was able to buy 1 goat using the funds she raised doing her Pampered Chef party last week!  Her mother explained that after watching a video about Rising Star Outreach, she saw a herd of goats and wants her money to go towards a boy goat this month and next month she will raise money to purchase a girl goat.  She wants this microbusiness to grow and eventually have a herd.

When Hayley donated her money last night she said, “Hi, My name is Hayley. I have a disability and a lot of people have helped me. A lot of people bought things from me so I could earn money to help you. We should all help each other.”

Thank you Hayley for the love and example you are sharing. We are so happy to have you as a member of our Rising Star Outreach family!

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