The Peery Matriculation school has started a Student of the Month program.  They have both a top student for each standard and then the top student of the school for the month.  Here is the first overall Student of the Month!

The Student of the Month

Enokelee is in 3rd Standard and is an exceptional student.  He works hard in all that he does and was a little shy about being the first student awknowledged.  Not only is Enokelee attentive and achieves high marks in school but he is active and playful and very kind.  He is always surrounded by a group of friends that look up to him.  His brother Ebenezer also attends the school and was just an Agent of Change last month. 

If you are interested in donating a Classroom Achievement Board to help them celebrate these achievements along with others in the classrooms.  This is an item on the Wishlist this holiday season.  It would make a great gift from a family or group of donors. 
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