Life has this tendency to take twists and turns that you weren’t expecting. Each change in course seems to have its own impact on you as a person and the way you see the world.
I sure didn’t realize what was in store for me when I took that turn and ran right into Rising Star Outreach, but I do know that my life will never be the same again.
I love people. People are my passion. I really enjoy helping people solve their problems and some of my greatest joys in life come from assisting individuals as they reach for and achieve their dreams. I guess my destiny was to involve philanthropy because when you work in this industry, your mission and objective is to help individuals and families to realize their desires to lift, bless, and serve others, while the outcome blesses and lifts both the giver and the receiver.
I have fallen in love with Rising Star Outreach, both the work we do and how we involve so many people. We don’t just invite people to donate to the cause, but we invite them to come to India and serve, to become part of the work we do, to play a vital role in the lives of the children and patients we serve, and to fulfill dreams of giving and service that in some cases, the individual didn’t even know he or she needed to fulfill.

My heart was truly touched by the mission of Rising Star Outreach, and then my wife and I felt that this was where we needed to be at this time in our lives. My first official day of work involved  jumping on a plane to India to experience the full breadth of the work we do there. The next week changed me forever, but the most impressive part of that experience for me was realizing that virtually everyone involved with this organization feels privileged and honored to be a part of this special work. What we do is full of challenges because the work is centered on people and involves so many people. But what I love to see is that even at the end of the day, when a volunteer or staff member can talk about the challenges and hard things that they had to deal with that day, they always seem to radiate when they also talk about the highlights of their experiences and how meaningful their involvement is to them.


Everyone of us has our own story. But when it comes to stories of how and why we are a part of Rising Star Outreach, I think we all agree that there was an unforeseen turn in the road, our lives have been richly blessed, and we have been changed forever. 
–Tyler Vigue
Executive Director
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