I grew up in Atlanta, Georgia and attended schools that were very diverse in culture (Hispanic, Indian, Pakistani, Korean, Chinese, Japanese, and African-American). I learned very quickly that no matter what your origin, people are all the same. We all expect to be noticed, respected, and loved. We all have families, lives, ambitions, challenges, and fears. I also learned at a young age that food, clothing, shelter, education, employment, and access to health-care are not always afforded everyone. Coming from a family that did not have very much, I learned to be thankful for what I do have, and, where much is given, much is expected. 

I feel fortunate to be working with Rising Star Outreach! How many people are given the opportunity to facilitate help to thousands of families and children living with the effects of leprosy? I have worked with this organization for nearly eight years, seeing first-hand, the successful results of our program. I have seen people turn their lives around, full of confidence because they can provide a home and an education for their children. I spent time with Saroja as she showed me her mango tree that she planted, with no hands, and how it would bear fruit in a year – enough to take to the street-side and sell. I have seen children hold their heads up with new confidence and hope for their future as they walk through the halls of our school.
Working for this organization has changed my life. I have an enlargement of gratitude, awareness, and love for anyone in need. I feel less need for things, or time spent dwelling on problems. I have a new realization of how much need there is in this world and how much ability I have to do something to help.
Director of Operations, USA Office
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