“A good head and good heart are always a formidable combination.But when you add to that a literate tongue or pen, then you have something very special.” Nelson Mandela

Once again the Rising Star Outreach campus is filled with the happy sounds of children who have returned from summer break to begin another year of learning at the Peery Matriculation School! We hope the children come back with appreciation of the time they spent with their families and also greater resolve to put forth their best efforts in the coming school year. Rising Star Outreach’s dedicated teaching staff has rolled up their sleeves and is ready to share their knowledge and skills in the school’s wonderful environment of academics and life skills.
Sujatha and Sally Read
Sujatha will be attending a teacher’s college.

A very special shout out to the first graduating class of Rising Star students! How quickly time has passed – It seems as if they just arrived at Rising Star Outreach a few years ago, and now many of them are in the process of furthering their education at universities and colleges.  One student has already been accepted at a Teacher’s College and others are patiently waiting for acceptance into other programs. What an incredible accomplishment for these students!

We also heartily congratulate our Tenth Standard studentsfor passing with good marks the government exams! Now they have the privilege to attend the exceptional St. John’s International School with Rising Star Outreach’sTwelfth Standard students who are already attending this institution. Rising Star Outreach is grateful to Dr. R. Kishore Kumar and Dr. V. Mirasu David for their work in enrolling these students. As we all know, education gives students options. It helps them break the cycle of poverty and can remove the stigma of leprosy. These remarkable students are another miracle at Rising Star Outreach!
Volunteer sessions are also back in full swing on campus. I recently received an email from a volunteer who shared her feelings about Rising Star Outreach:

           “As I looked around at the faces of the volunteers as they dug latrines, or put oil on foot wounds, or taught in the computer lab, I realized they were in essence storing up ‘good vibes’ to help them navigate the murky waters young adults often face. They may never return to the Rising Star campus, but they will take with them its positive impact!            I have never talked to a Rising Star volunteer who hasn’t been excited about their time in India—last year or six years ago—the mention of Rising Star always brings enthusiastic bursts and exclamations, never mediocre or negative comments. I am personally acquainted with a young man who registered for an online dating service and after reading numerous profiles his attention was drawn to one profile because the registrant mentioned she had volunteered with Rising Star. As he told me later, he wanted to know her better mainly because she was associated with Rising Star.
            Volunteers wrap up their stay at Rising Star and then scatter throughout the world to homes, educational facilities, missions, etc.  BUT what they learn while they are at Rising Star—the glimpses they had into how lives really can change and how alike we are as human beings—these things accompany them wherever they go.  They are like welcome traveling companions of hope and love.
            In this age of cynicism and doubt, Rising Star is an organization that can be trusted. Its ideals and mission are a message to a weary and jaded world that service is meaningful, that each life has value, and that the world can really become a better place to live.”

Beautifully said, and I know many of you who have volunteered in the past have experienced some of the same sentiments. For those of you looking for an opportunity to have those ‘good vibes’ come volunteer with Rising Star Outreach! You’ll see why the program is so magical. Visit www.risingstaroutreach.org.  You can also follow us on Instagram:  risingstaroutreach
Those who can, do. Those who can do more, volunteer!”
                                                                             Author Unknown
Recently, Tyler Vigue, Executive Director at Rising Star spent time in India and shared the following about his experience:

“The Rising Star Outreach team on the ground in India is remarkable. From these dedicated individuals I have witnessed powerful examples that have touched and inspired me. On my most recent visit to our operation in Tamil Nadu I experienced the humility, devotion, sacrifice, service, global awareness, integrity, faith, and vision of these committed servants and leaders. They love what they do and even more so, they love those they are serving. Their passion for this work is rivaled only by their compassion for the people they are laboring to lift and bless. It was a humbling experience for me to see such commitment and love. 
Life in India is so vastly different from life in the United States, and yet, when you spend time on the Rising Star campus and working with Rising Star in the colonies we serve, the world becomes a much smaller place. You start to recognize that we truly are one global family with obligations to lift and to serve one another, and with opportunities to have our lives changed as we do so. There is so much good to be done in this world, so many smiles to share, so many reasons to rejoice. Rising Star Outreach has given me a new perspective on life, humanity, and the impact for good I can have in this world.”

            Rising Star Outreach appreciates Tyler and our incredibly dedicated staffs in the USA and in India as part of one big ‘global family’ helpingthis great work go forward. Read more here about Tyler’s experiences.

            Please don’t forget to mark September 16th on your calendars for the
5th Annual Shawn Bradley Charity Golf Invitational and President’s Brunch at Red Ledges Golf Course in Heber City, Utah. For those who have dreamed of playing this challenging course, come try your skills with Shawn and our other two special guests Mehmet Okur  and Craig Bolerjack! You won’t be disappointed! And if you want to hear more about the Rising Star Outreach experience (and have a great lunch in a beautiful setting), bring your friends and join us for the President’s Brunch!
I hope you enjoy a relaxing summer filled with much sunshine, and if you want to send a special note of encouragement to the child(ren) you sponsor as they begin this new school year, I know they’ll be thrilled!
Sally Read
Rising Star Outreach
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