“What excites me most about philanthropy today is that we’re not standing still.

We are finding new ways to pursue and measure our impact. We are getting

 better at what we do.”   (Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation)  


What excites us at Rising Star Outreach is that we’re not standing still either. We continue touching lives—lives that have been affected by the curse of leprosy.


It’s exciting to renew friendships at the annual Shawn Bradley Golf Charity Event and President’s Brunch. It is difficult to express our profound appreciation for the ongoing support from our sponsors.  Because of these incredible individuals, families, corporations, and donors, we raised money and awareness to further our work. Additionally the golfers enjoyed food, golf, prizes, and socializing with Shawn Bradley and Ron Boone.  Those who attended our Women to Women brunch heard from remarkable women who shared their love and support of the work we are doing at Rising Star. We couldn’t do this without you. Thank you!


It’s exciting to have the assurance that this support enables Rising Star to help patients heal one more wound, help one more studentreceive an outstanding education, and help one more individual receive a micro-grant to start or expand a business, which enables them to support a family and gain dignity.


It’s exciting to hear from the volunteers who spent their summer being Agents of Change—wanting to make a difference in the world. September’s Change Agent is DavidMcLaughlin.  He represents the good hearts and giving hands of all our hardworking volunteers.


It’s exciting to share the journey of volunteers when they return home.  Steve Hart relates:

“My wife, Jessica and I had the life changing opportunity to spend a summer in Chennai with Rising Star Outreach.  Our time there and the people we met mean so much to us we want to give back in whatever way we can. We have started a community 5k in Provo, Utah called the Invasion Run. It is an alien themed 5k through a cornfield. The proceeds from the race will be donated to Rising Star Outreach. We hope you will support us in supporting them as we try and give leprosy a “run” for its money. To learn more visit us at www.invasionrun.com or see our facebook page at www.facebook.com/invasionrun

It’s exciting to read the blogs of volunteers like Kirsten Daines,
I knew that coming to India and volunteering with Rising Star Outreach would change my life forever, but I never expected it to change it so drastically. When I read part of that quote by Gandhi, ‘Be the change,’ I like to take out the word ‘the.’  BE CHANGED. Let India change you. Let Rising Star Outreach change you. Let it change your life. I promise you won’t regret it.”

Yes! It’s exciting to be part of Rising Star’s momentum as we move forward together, armed with hope and conviction to break the curse of leprosy 


With excitement,

Sally Read

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