2014 is monumental for Rising Star Outreach and you are invited to join with us in celebrating The 10th Year of Rising Star Outreach being established in India as an official NGO!

Early Rising Star Outreach School- 2005


10 years ago in 2004, Becky Douglas —Founder of Rising Star Outreach, and Padma Venkataraman—Co-founder of Rising Star Outreach, gathered with a small group of staff and supporters to open the doors of the Rising Star School to 27 students from leprosy affected families. That humble beginning on East Cost Road has grown into the Peery Matriculation School, where 233 students presently receive a world-class education! Because of incredible teachers and leaders—coupled with a solid curriculum in Tamil and English of language arts, mathematics, sciences, social studies, and the arts, our students continue to excel academically. An additional 153 students receive an education at local schools near their colonies through our Perpetual Colony Education Fund. Rising Star Outreach supports the daily education of almost 400 students!
 We were thrilled this past year when our 10th Standard students received the highest marks in the district on their exams, and the Peery Matriculation School was recognized as number one out of 410 schools in the Kancheepuram District. Congratulations to everyone involved in achieving this remarkable accomplishment!  It reflects the dedication and hard work of both our students and teachers. Education provides options and choices—options that sadly are not available to many children throughout the world—especially to those affected by the disease of leprosy and the social stigma associated with it.  

Recently Dr. Susan Hilton, our Managing Director in India, shared her feelings about the students,

“Good education is only part of the hope that we all have for our students. We want them to be filled with goodness—a goodness which thinks more of others. In a selfish world, if they are selfless, and if they inspire a future generation to have that same selfless sacrificing service for mankind, and if they contribute to the general happiness and productivity of the human race, I think we will have achieved our goal.”

For those who have participated in the growth of the school and the education of the students these past 10 years, it has been a powerful and rewarding journey.  We are enthusiastic about the positive possibilities for our students as they excel academically, but also as they learn principles upon which to build their lives and lessons of service to others. Rising Star Outreach recognizes that education is a powerful tool, which should be available to every child. We are committed to the mission of giving more and more students the blessing of an education during the next 10 years!

To kick off the 10thanniversary of Rising Star Outreach, a special ‘Women to Women’ volunteer session has been arranged for women in the United States to use their own talents and skills to empower women in India, but simultaneously be the recipients of the strength and goodness of those they are going to India to serve.  

You can join the celebration this year by continuing to support to Rising Star Outreach. I personally invite you to visit our web site www.risingstaroutreach.org where you will learn about this incredible work and of opportunities to help further it. Here are a few suggestions:

·  Sponsor a Child—For less than $1 a day, you can educate, feed and provided needed medical and dental care for a child. 

·  Be a Volunteer—Do something different to make a difference and enjoy an experience of a lifetime!  

·  Schedule a Presentation in your area—Share the message of Rising Star by inviting your friends to learn about the mission and work of Rising Star Outreach. 

·  Come celebrate with us at different events throughout the year as noted on our web site! 

·  Follow our Blog and Instagram and like us on Facebook and help us spread awareness that leprosy still exists in the world.

On behalf of Rising Star Outreach, I express gratitude for your belief in this work and for your willingness to share your love with those we assist. Come join us in this celebratory year and remember, “It’s not about someone doing everything. It’s about everyone doing something.” Your ‘somethings’ make a difference in giving hope and lifting those affected by leprosy.

 Happy New Year!



Rising Star Outreach

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