We are sad to announce the passing of a great leader, social activist, woman and friend.  Sarojini Varadappan has been a long time supporter and friend to Rising Star Outreach and we want to express our graditude for the example she was and still is for so many people.
Sarojini Varadappan passed on Thursday October 17th at the age of 92.
She was the President of the WIA (Women’s India Association),  India Red Cross Society, All India Women’s Conference and All India’s Central Food Council.  Her talents helped Rising Star Outreach in many avenues including helping with our first mobile medical unit.  She aided many women in care for their  children who were trying to work after they had been widowed or aiding in the production of innexpencive sanitary napkins so girls wouldn’t need to quit school when they reach puberty.
When Becky Douglas heard of her passing she said, “Sarojini was very attuned to the needs of women in India and quietly guided and led efforts to improve their lives.  She was an articulate and eloquent advocate of the rights of women.
She visited our campus on several auspicious occasions for dedications.  She was loving and kind to all.  We will miss her terribly.”
If you would like to know more of her life please visit The Hidu for an article dedicated to her.
We thank Sarojini Varadappan for her life’s work and example that will remain effecting generations.  
From the Rising Star Outreach Family to her’s, we express or sincere gratitude.
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