When RSO employees, Lon and Rebecca, told us about Rising Star and sent the video to me showing the founder talk about how she started this organization. This really grabbed my heart {I also lost a sweet child to suicide and Lon, Rebecca and their children going to India to serve there for a year inspired me and made me believe that I could trust that the funds sent to Rising Star would actually go to sponsor the children.
I e-mailed all of my women friends and told them about a fund raiser dinner I wanted to have to help raise money for at least one girl from the Leper Colony to go to school for a year. I named it “Women Lifting Women”. I felt that we would lift each other in this cause and this young girl will be a woman some day that hopefully we can help lift up and support in this world.
A friend of mine caught the spirit of this too and helped me plan and provide the dinner. We asked everyone to bring a can of food to put in our care box for the local food bank and  told them that my friend Cathy and I would provide the dinner hoping that possibly our they could come and donate what they may have paid to go out to a dinner. We told them that we knew we each have different circumstances so anything offered would be welcome.
We had a light buffet and I ordered one appetizer for us all to try out from our local India restaurant. We had two special guests arrive from the Hare Krishna temple. An Indian mother and daughter volunteered to come in beautiful Indian dress. They are from India and live and serve in the temple there. The mother explained some of their traditions and the cute little 5 year old daughter danced for us several times. We even included the mother in voting for the girl we would sponsor.
One of things I loved best was how we chose the girl we would sponsor. I didn’t want it to be about how a girl looked but by who she was as a person. I chose seven of my favorite girls from the Rising Star website after reading about their personalities. I ordered photos of their faces to show around the house here and there with little signs that said “Be the Change”. I then gave each woman a sheet of paper that said, “This is Our Rising Star. It had the name, age and description of each one of girl’s personalities from the web site. The women marked their first choice with a number 1 and their second choice with a number 2.

Our top choices would get 2 points for each vote and our second choice got 1 point. After a friend added up the points I showed the photos of our top 2 choices and we cheered.  It was so hard to choose just one girl that they wanted to try and sponsor two girls.

Several women who lived too far away to attend the dinner and others who couldn’t make it that night sent in money. We actually made enough money to sponsor two girls for one year each!


After the party I sent everyone who donated funds the link to their photos, to other links at Rising Star and where to write e-mails to our “Rising Stars”.  

— Stacy 



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