Challenge Accepted!

Rising Star Outreach invites you to participate in a global movement to fight against poverty. Live Below the Line is an awareness and fundraising campaign designed to help people better understand the challenges faced by those living in extreme poverty. Over 1.1 billion people in the world live on less than $1.50 a day, poverty that plagues and perpetuates leprosy colonies in India everyday. 

Rising Star Outreach has accepted the challenge with Live Below the Line and want to invite you to do the same!  

How you ask? Join with thousands across the globe April 28th- May 2nd and live on a total $1.50 a day for food and beverages.

Invite your friends and spread the word!  Poverty can be resolved and it all starts with you.  You know how! Post, tweet, gram… anything to help get the word out, we can’t do this without you. Partner with Rising Star Outreach and give to those whose life is affected by leprosy and help them rise above it.


Yes! I want to fight against poverty!

  • Visit Live Below the line online and partner with Rising Star Outreach
  • Create your personal fundraising page
  • Start a team and tell all your friends about what it means to live below the line
  • Put your budgeting and cooking skills to the test April 28th– May 2nd and live on $1.50 a day
  • Use social media, blogs, your voice or another way to share with friends, family, and the world. Be an advocate to those that need you.  You can use: #belowtheline #belowthelinechallenge #rsobelowtheline  #risingstaroutreach

Things you will want to know April 28th-May 2nd:

  • You have a total of $7.50 to use to buy all ingredients for all of your meals for 5 days
  • You can’t grab a snack from the pantry unless you count the cost of the item within your budget
  • You can use food from your garden as long as you account for the price of production
  • You cannot accept ‘donated’ food from others
  • You can count tap water as being free                                                

Check out Live Below the Line Online for additional cooking ideas. Here are a few suggestions of inexpensive and staple ingredients that you may want to include on your shopping list: Rice, Beans, Chickpeas, Corn, Tomato Sauce, Noodles, Eggs, Carrots, Onions, Canola Oil, and Garlic.

Think you can do it? Join the cause and cross that line; together we can lift those with leprosy.

Need more help or have questions?  You can contact me at or call the office at 801.820.0466.

Best of luck!  

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