This past month Rising Star Outreach was blessed to have the extremly talented members of the Intel team visit the campus.  They were not only our guests but were here to work with out teaching  and IT staff.  Intel donated 15 kid friendly (hard to damage) laptop computers to be used in multiple standards within the school.  These laptops are contolled by the teacher’s main laptop though a wifi signal sharing planned, computer based learning and activities. Lessons are used to demonstrate theories, reinforce past learning and introduce new concepts.


 Teachers were trained for multiple days on the most effective classroom techniques.  The last day of the Intel visit was the day where teachers used this technology without the Intel team. All were excited with the outcome with not only the teachers success but the sucess and interest of the students. They have helped in the goal of creating an anvironment where students are excited and eager to learn.
Intel has given these children another opportunity to stengthen their knowledge and most importantly opportunities.  We believe that education gives opportunities.  

Education was not just for those in the Peery Matriculation School.  Intel also supplied computer support and new technology to the Barathapuram Colony Computer Lab.
Upgraded technolony was installed on computers assisting us in moving from the more bulky towers to small boxes behind the monitors.
This lab is used by many in the colony as well as those from closer surrounding colonies as a classroom to teach skills and software that can be used for employement. 
(left to right) Sankar, Indu, Jagadeesh and Tushar
The Intel team was able to join us on a tour two of our leprosy colonies, Walajabad and Barathapuram.  The team consisted of 4 Indian born, where 3 are originally from the state of Tamil Nadu.  Locals coming home to serve their communities and are an example for so many! 
Sankar, Indu, Jagadeesh and Tushar

Jagadeesh pumping water for medical in Walajabad.

Talking with the locals about there lives.
They were able to ask questions to President, Sally Read and Social Worker, Raja.

Thank you Intel for being a Change Agent for so many people.  You service will change the lives of generations.
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