To end and start the year we had an amazing group on campus and working with some of our older female students. 

Goals for Girls is an international initiative of girls helping girls through the game of soccer.

Goals for Girls connects girls from different countries and backgrounds with their peers around the world in a forum that addresses social and health challenges through cultural exchange and soccer. Since 2007, Goals for Girls has used this unique platform to help disadvantaged girls across the globe by providing access to health and education programs taught through the game of soccer. It gives girls an opportunity to break down cultural and socio-economical barriers to create change through addressing common challenges.

                                                                           Why Soccer?

In the U.S. soccer is providing healthy, engaging team environments for young girls across the country. Soccer teaches important lessons on and off the field that help young people develop discipline, commitment, healthy behaviors, and peer communication among others. In disadvantaged communities across the globe soccer is more than just a game: it is an important and innovative tool that provides a vital outlet to girls who need creative ways to overcome obstacles.(description from facebook)



Rising Star Outreach Players

Girls from the US started their communications with their new pen pals. They were able to exchange a few letters to get to know each other before they came to campus. The Rising Star Students made a special sacrifice to be there for this session, they returned early from break with their families. This was a special learning experience that they didn’t want to miss.


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“Before Goals for Girls came, I was so scared to meet them. I didn’t know how to play, so I didn’t like soccer. But now I know how to play soccer, so I love soccer. I was so excited to meet my pen pal Paige. I was counting down the days for Paige to come.”  –Tamililakkiya


Spending everyday together the groups grew to know each other very well. Activities were set up for them to share about their life and their goals that they want to accomplish. USA Girls and Rising Star India girls worked side by side on service projects, soccer games and celebrating the new year. They even challenged a local boys team from Blessings and came away with a win!


They asked each player to write about their experience, you can find their collection of entries from their blog.

“I think one of the greatest take-always for me this week was watching the girls grow more confident in themselves.” –Sarah

“These girls made me feel empowered and admired, especially while playing soccer. I didn’t realize how much we could make a difference in these girls’ lives through just playing soccer.” –Lauren


Videos of their time at Rising Star have been posted on Facebook.  Hear from the girls about their experience.  Interviews were done with Tamililakkia, Satya and Theresa.
Thank you Goals for Girls for bringing confidence and skills to our beautiful young women.  It was an experience that they will never forget.                                                                 


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