I stayed longer than I planned but still it feels like it’s only been a few weeks and not months!
Now my time at Rising Star is nearly coming to the end and it’s incredible what I experienced here. India itself had a major impact on me. Here I found a deeper connection to myself.
Rising Star in particular made me think about believing again. I already posted about that weeks ago that especially here I see how important it is for people to believe. It helps them when they struggle in their daily life and when they struggle here I don’t mean that colleague X said something inappropriate at work today but having just claws where there used to be hands due to leprosy, having been left alone by family and friends cause they got sick, kids who can only dream about a home that we know with water out of a tab, electricity 24/7 and a loving family who gives us hugs when we are feeling bad. But believing in someone or something (not matter what religion) gives them strength to work towards a better future, it makes them happy and especially content with the life they have… which is such a great gift! And they even share this strength with others.
I have some dry spots on my hand due to skin irritations I am having occasionally. When the girls from the class I thought saw those spots they were really worried. I said it was alright and it really is…. it’s nothing that comes just close to being a serious issue! But the kids check on my hands every time they see me and tell me ‘every night, sis, I pray for you’… they-pray-for-me!!! I cannot even put in words how I feel about that… amazed, thankful, blessed… it just seems so unreal how deeply selfless, caring and strong those kids are! ❤️
This also brings me to the 2nd big lesson: I always denied having a big heart 😉! I am strong and cool and I encounter any situation with irony and sarcasm first before it eventually comes to be taken seriously… but well working here revealed my true nature 😜! I LOVE this work, I love to work for smiles and hugs of little people, for handshakes and blessings of strangers, for moments where you share tears and laughs with people who are among the poorest. It gives me so much… a happiness, a joy, a peace that no paycheck ever did. A paycheck always made me think… ‘wait, actually this is way to less for what I did this month’! In this work I think ‘wait, I can’t believe how much I am getting for doing so little’… actually not I am helping these people, they help me ☺️✌️
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