This week is Live Below the Line week.  Meaning that for 5 days we are living on $1.50 or less for food and beverage.  
Doing this challenge has made me think about the calories and nutrition that people are getting when they are living in extreme poverty.  The caloric intake for me yesterday was below 600 calories, and what I ate to stay under $1.50 was mostly carbs or processed type foods.  You are not really selecting from fresh items.  You’re not getting salad and fruit to round out a balanced meal, these are treats or items you splurge on.  Have you also ever thought about what that does to the body and mind.  Kids going to school and are unable to think clearly because they are malnourished.  How can you work in the fields all day or have a shop and be able to put in the effort to really make it profitable and grow.  People are amazing at what they are able to accomplish in these circumstances!  
I feel that this experience has just reinforced the importance of Rising Star Outreach’s three initiatives (Medical, Economic Rehabilitation and Education).  When the students at the Rising Star Outreach school are on our campus, they have access to full meals and vitamins to help them grow.  When they go home we want to make sure that they have that same opportunity.  This opportunity is aided by our Medical and Economic Rehabilitation initiatives.  They can return home to a healthy family and community that is thriving and producing.  We do that with your help!
We have an amazing family that has taken on this challenge and videoing their experiences.  Journey with them!  We will release more videos as the week goes on. 
Thank you to the Hobi family for taking this challenge with us!  We are cheering for you!

Day 1

Day 2

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