Our family really enjoys doing service. In Rising Star Outreach, our family not only found a place to do service, but to also show love and do so much more. We have had the opportunity to work in the schools with the children. We have helped construct bathrooms for those who did not have a bathroom accessible to them. We have also had the privilege of working with those afflicted with leprosy. These experiences have penetrated our hearts and brought about such a change in each one of us. Here are a few ways in which each of us has been touched.
Micheal: We as a family came to India to touch others lives. Instead these wonderful people have touched our lives. I have found a great capacity for love here. Thanks you.
Claudette: I came here to help others. I came to help bring about change in these peoples circumstances and their lives. I see now that as I looked into the sweet eyes of a child or held the crippled led of a man afflicted with leprosy, I was filled with great love and a deep sense of understanding and compassion. I came to help change the lives of others and in the process I was changed for the better. There are not words the describe my gratitude for this experience.
Jocelyn: My experience at Rising Star Outreach is one I will never forget. It offered me the opportunity to look outside myself and serve the humble people in India. Furthermore, it truly helped me to dig deep within myself and discover the changes I needed to make in my life to reach my full potential. The friendships I made here are priceless and I can’t wait to come back to India!
Alicia: It was an amazing experience! I loved it! It really opened my eyes to how difficult people’s lives are, yet they stay happy! I love and appreciate this organization for what it does for people with leprosy, and the children.
Lindsey: I loved helping the children spell and sound out words. They love to learn, you can really tell. Everyone has a sweet spirit and it takes an impact on yourself. It makes you want to be kind, selfless, and helpful. You WANT to be a better person.
Adam: I have had a great time at Rising Star Outreach. I love doing service for people all over the world. It’s really fun teaching the kids because they get so excited to be with us. When we go to work at the colony work site and medical colony, we get to see and work with really neat people.
Zack: My greatest experience is that they don’t complain. They are happy. They are grateful for what they have. I have made lost of really great friends. I love Rising Star Outreach.

Indeed we have found a place to serve, to love, and to share in Rising Star Outreach! We love the quote “Nothing worth having was ever achieved without effort” Author Unknown. We came and gave effort and found great joy. This experience is “worth” having. We are leaving here with hearts full of love and gratitude for all of these people.

–The Jones Family
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