The Bunker Dance Center is hosting the 6th Annual Dancers Making a Difference in Las Vegas again this year.  The Benefit Dance Concert is going to be held on April 22, 2014 at 6:30 PM at the Cashman Center Theatre.  Tickets can be purchased for $15.  All proceeds benefit Rising Star Outreach.

Kathy Bunker, owner/artistic director of Bunker Dance Center started “Dancers Making a Difference” in 2008. After hearing Becky Douglas speak at BYU’s Education Week in 2006, Kathy felt the urge to “do something” for this wonderful organization called Rising Star Outreach! It took a couple years to carve out the time and plan for a dancer’s benefit concert but she was determined to help in some way! 

What started as a small gathering of three studios in a church has expanded to 8 studios and hundreds of dancers as we prepare for the 6th Annual Dancers Making a Difference!

If you are in Las Vegas please don’t miss the chance to see some amazing performances from talented dancers from all over the Las Vegas area.  The dancers from the Bunker Dance Center have incredible instructors, some of their past and now known as  Red Carpet instructors are world famous including Stacey Tookey and Napoleon and Tabitha Dumo.
  Please come and support!
If you want to see a little from last year CLICK HERE.
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