This past summer has been a workout between all the amazing rides, walks and runs that people all over the country and world have participated in.  We are happy to tell you that IT’S NOT OVER!  And this run is not sticking to the conventional 5K… it’s out of this world!

Friday September 6th the Invasion Run is happening 8:00 PM at the McCoard’s Corn Maze where you have to “survive” the 5….
Want to know more?  Hear from the founders themselves:
My name is Steve Hart. In 2011 my wife (Jessica) and I had the life changing opportunity to spend a summer in Chennai with Rising Star Outreach.  Our time there and the people we met mean so much to us we want to give back in whatever way we can. We have started a community 5k in Provo Utah called the Invasion Run. It is an alien themed 5k through a corn field. The proceeds from the race will be donated to Rising Star Outreach. We hope you will support us in supporting them as we try and give leprosy a “run” for its money. To learn more visit us at or see our facebook page at
Like living in a science-fiction movie, or a real-life X-Files that leaves “We Are Not Alone” T-shirts soaked in sweat, The Invasion Run 5K combines the thrills of a race with the chills of a “little green men” onslaught for a unique racing experience. Armed with glow sticks, contestants consisting of humans, monsters, robots, spacemen, and other characters of sci-fi lore race under the starry sky for the prize across five cleverly crafted battlegrounds. Race trails carved in fields of corn give way to creepy crop circles, an alien mothership, the mysterious Area 51, and a slimy slime dump and slime pit that covers racers in unearthly goop. (

The race already has over 260 participants, this is something you won’t want to miss.  An excellent way to start the fall season.

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