This should make you smile!

You have helped us be so successful in our quest to help the leprosy affected of India.  We are so grateful, as are hundreds of children and members of their families.

Many of you have also said that you wish you could do more. There is a way to increase your donations to Rising Star Outreach using money you are already spending.  Amazingly, Amazon will donate 0.5% of the money you spend at Amazon (on qualifying purchases) to the charity of your choice.  Nowadays, it seems like everyone is buying more and more items on Amazon.  Now you can use this service to increase your donations to Rising Star as well.

Simply go to  Then go to “my account,” then “change your charity.”  On your first visit, five choices will come up, but also a blank box where you can select the charity of your choice.  You enter Rising Star Outreach in this box. Several choices with similar names may come up.  Select Rising Star Outreach in Provo, Utah.  That’s it. From then on any time you spend money on Amazon, you are donating to Rising Star Outreach.  It’s amazing!

(editor’s note: we have a FAQ and step by step instructions here)

This is a rather new program.  It costs you absolutely nothing and it even has a side-effect of being able to help others while you shop—almost guilt-free shopping!  Definitely a win-win all around!

The potential is staggering!  If all our donors signed up and used this program, it could be incredible!  We will monitor this and let you know how successful it is in a few months.  Using this program from Amazon seems like a really easy way to make the donations you already give worth even more. Won’t you sign up today? We’d appreciate it!  I’m already smiling!

Becky Douglas
Rising Star Outreach

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