From India

 I am writing June’s newsletter from the beautiful Rising Star campus in India. The temperature outside is hovering around 102 degrees with the Real Feel at 108 degrees! It makes one appreciate the simple pleasure of air conditioning and a cold glass of ice water. Yet even with the soaring temperatures, our volunteers and Rising Star staff don’t miss a beat as they serve with hardy resilience and cheerful attitudes.
Some may question how the volunteers remain so upbeat given the heat and working in conditions that require traveling long distances over bumpy roads accompanied by meandering cows, oxen, and goats, who lazily stroll along with the endless stream of cars, trucks, motorcycles, and people.  The answer is found in the hearts of our volunteers whose commitment to this work is more important than their personal comfort.  Thank you, volunteers!
A New School Year

After enjoying a holiday with their families, the students have returned to the Rising Star campus and the 2013-14 school year is officially in session!  I hear gleeful shrieks as students catch sight of a friend, a housemother, or a Rising Star staff member.  It’s an exciting time for them because they receive new books, new uniforms, and even make friends with some of our new students.  We eagerly look forward to the  first graduating class of Rising Star students!

 Recently while I was visiting in the colonies, a patient affected by leprosy asked a few of us to gather in his humble home. He offered a sweet prayer and expressed appreciation to God for the blessing of having his children and grandchildren attend the Rising Star School. He knows their lives have been dramatically changed because they have been given the opportunity for education.

 The saying, Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world, certainly rang true as we listened to the kind petition of that father and grandfather. Our hearts swelled with gratitude to all who help Rising Star bring the power of education to so many young lives.  As the temperatures soar, my heartfelt appreciation to you soars even higher!


With love, 

Sally Gardner Read
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