“There is no exercise better for the heart than reaching down and lifting people up.” John Holmes

 This statement rings true to the Rising Star Outreach family, especially when feedback is received from volunteers just returning from our campus in India. One of our volunteers recently shared a “Velcro” moment — unique moments, images, hardships, tender life lessons that ‘stick’ to us. 
While washing the wounds of a leprosy patient, she experienced such tender feelings and genuine love toward someone who is considered , ‘untouchable,’ that the profound words from Les Miserables came to mind: “To love another person is to see the face of God.”



Many volunteers at Rising Star understand these tender feelings as they have looked into the eyes of one of God’s children and gained greater tolerance, kindness, and understanding for the human family. Thank you to our many volunteers who reach out to lift others.


This month there is renewed excitement on the Rising Star campus because each of our 10th standard students scored in the 90th percentile on recent government exams! This is a first at Rising Star Outreach and sets high expectations for all students. The Perry Matriculation School received the distinction of being number one in the Kancheepuram District out of 410 schools. This great honor, while well deserved, underscores the importance of education and of the unlimited potential of our students!


Left to Right: Manodaya, Megala, Mr. Xavier, Logeshwari, Soniya, Karpagavalli

This month we welcomed new students on campus and also a new couple from the USA, Dale and Lily Simpson, who will be managing many programs at Rising Star in India. For the past 10 years they have volunteered in many countries and Rising Star is fortunate to benefit from their incredible experience and expertise.


Mark your calendars for the Shawn Bradley Charity Golf Event on August 20, 2013 at the beautiful Red Ledges Golf Course in Heber City, Utah. Shawn Bradley, Randy Rigby, Thurl Bailey, and Ron Boone are among many who will participate in this event.  A new venue at our President’s Brunch will highlight, “Women to Women.” You won’t want to miss this presentation. Please visit our web site for more information: www.risingstaroutreach.org



Thank you again for exercising your hearts by reaching out to lift others through Rising Star!

 –Sally Read


P.S.  A big THANK YOU to Imagine Learning for providing our students the valuable gift of new headphones!



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