What a great first day of school we had! The students were very excited to begin classes at the Peery Matriculation School, and the day began with a few words from Principal Xavier.  



Principal Xavier welcomed the students back, and congratulated the entire school for doing so well on their end of the final exams, especially the 10thstandard girls who passed their exams with 90% or higher. He also emphasized that this year the whole school would focus on speaking English properly, and more frequently by having all of the classes and announcements in English. Finally Steel, our Chief Operations Officer, said a word to the students about how promising their future can be through their personal dedication to education and commitment to always doing their best. The students excitedly ran off to their classrooms, where they became acclimated with their new teachers, classrooms, and several new students.


Each standard passed out books and materials need for the upcoming year, went over the schedule, and discussed several new programs that would be implemented. Some of the students had the chance to stop by the library on their first day where over 10,000 books are categorized and logged into the computer system. 

Finally many of the classes were able to have the once a week dance class on the first day of school, it was so much fun. The UKG, 1st , 3rd , and 5th , standards did a wonderful job and many look forward to being part of the life dance team.


We are very much looking forward to what the 2013-2014 school year has in store for us. Through education one can take hold of their future and achieve their dreams. We are so proud of our Rising Stars!
— Rosie Tempka (Summer 2013 Education Coordinator)
More from the First Day of School
Morning Assembly
Opening words from Mr. Xavier

8th Standard Boys Line

Mr. Xavier welcoming the new Rising Star students.

Introduction to the Computer Lab for the new students.


Doing their duties.

PT Time for the older girls.

6th Standard in class

Motto for the year from Sally Read

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