We were so blessed this summer to have a wonderful dance teacher here through Promethean Spark. She was well loved and the kids and patients alike enjoyed her spunk and great teaching abilities.
Here is Emily teaching Life Dance, the audition-only dance troupe at Rising Star campus.
And this is Emily dancing with Jayaraj at Mogalvadi Leprosy Colony…
and visiting with another patient at the same colony.
We are so happy to have a new Dance Master join us for the Fall.  Her name is Katelyn Homer.  She also comes from New York City and is so happy to be here serving the kids and patients of Rising Star.
After saying sad farewells to Miss Emily, the kids are settling in and getting used to their new teacher.
The students at Rising Star are so blessed through this partnership with Promethean Spark that provides such a rich dance curriculum and a meaningful forum for teaching life skills.  We are so grateful for wonderful, talented teachers like Emily and Katie who come here to enrich the lives of our students with their knowledge and skill.
Our 5th Standard students learning a new Indian-style dance….and loving it!!
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