This excerpt was taken from Ashley Ward’s blog. She was the Volunteer Program Officer for 2014 – April 2015.

Bindu Art School turned 10 years old today so of course we had to celebrate. And celebrate we did. The party started with Werner (the co-founder of Bindu Art School), his wife and the artists coming to campus–which I loved. I loved it because we usually only get to see the artist after we see them medically or after we have gone out on some other thing-like a micro grant tour or something of that sort. That in no way is a bad thing, but I loved being able to see them simply because they are our friends and it was their birthday and because we love and support what they do. Plus I don’t think many of them have the opportunity to go much of anywhere so I was glad we were able to help provide them an excuse. 

Anyway, after arrival everyone went to the loft of the school where some serious creativity happened. The artists and a selected number of students had a timed art contest. Students competed against students, artists against artist and it was pretty serious stuff. The contestants would smile and such but you could tell they were in total work mode. I’m not sure how long the time was because I had to jump in and out, but I want to say it was around a couple of hours at least.  

When time was up we moved into the dining hall to recognize all that participated as well as announce the winners of the art contest.

Everyone was beaming-they were so proud to show their work and loved having so much attention focused on them. Especially the artist from Bindu. And how can you blame them really—society tells them they are nothing but today they were the guest of honor. AND they were each garlanded and photographed and cheered for. And the cheering—oh my goodness. The kids took it to a while new level. It was so loud and so sincere. 

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