The back to school season is upon us! It is a time of happiness or sadness, depending on whether you are a student, teacher, or parent. And probably a bit of both no matter what.

Here at Rising Star Outreach, Back to School is an exciting time to look forward to our school opening again and a group of new faces to join us.

Our staff here in Rising Star Outreach US wanted to celebrate the coming season with some of our favorite Amazon Smile Back to School picks! (Learn more about the Amazon Smile charitable donations program)

Callie’s Pick

While I love technology, there is nothing better than back to school supplies.  To this day I am obsessed with fun pencils and smelly pens and notebooks.  Amazon has the best variety of all supplies like these short mechanical pencils and these scented pens… that I may still order to this day.

The students in India only have so many pencils and notebooks.  They cherish them and use every inch of paper, every millimeter of led and every ounce of ink in a pen. They use these tools to lean and memorize their school assignments as well as writing to their family and sponsors.  Writing supplies gives our students the ability to express themselves through art, poetry and creative writing. It expands their worlds and communication capabilities.

Aubrey’s Pick

Between school, family, friends, hobbies, and work, life can get pretty hectic! That’s why after years of writing on my hand, or on little bits of paper that disappeared into the oblivian, I eventually invested in a day planner. Not only did my life become more orderly, but my mental state reaped the benefits as well. This planner off of Amazon Smile looked very similar to the one I had in school and is what I attribute to being able to hand in all my assignments on time, even if it was five minutes before the due date time.

The kids on our campus have a lot of homework assignments from their classes that they need to turn in on time. When they leave their classes a lot of the teachers give them reading to go over later that night. They sometimes do not have an easy way to record and remember these assignments.Teaching good organizational skills at a young age and in a very hectic environment really helps for the future of the kids at the RSO campus. It’s those little actions and habits in life that really add up in the end to a more fulfilling and successful outcome. 

Mike’s Pick

Papers get lost. I remember when I was in school, I had a place in my bag especially for papers to get crumpled and lost in, my bag’s “black hole”. It wasn’t until a few years later that I learned the power of cloud computing, free scanners at the school library, and portable laptops. Having a netbook that doesn’t need to be charged throughout the day means that you can have access to your all your cloud files and still able to take notes.
In India, our students are blessed to have a generously donated computer lab. Giving colony students access to technology allows them to level the playing field as they apply for work. Contemplate your life, and how many amazing every day technological advances we take for granted. But for many of our students, the Peery Matriculation School’s computer lab will be the only computing technology they will have access to.

Ashelee’s Pick

A few years ago I purchased a Kindle Fire from Amazon, for school. I got the Kindle because I thought it would be an easier and cheaper way to purchase textbooks. It turned out to be one of the best purchases I have made. Not only did I purchase the Kindle Fire from Amazon, but I was able to purchase all of my eTextbooks as well. Amazon really is an amazing place to purchase school supplies from. With great deals and countless choices, you can’t go wrong. 
Rising Star Outreach gives the children in the Leprosy colonies an incredible opportunity to go to school. Through the school, the children learn to read. Many of these children have fallen in love with reading and are always in need of new books. It is so amazing that these children get to fall in love with something that is so important and fun! 
So in this back to school season, please consider selecting Rising Star Outreach as your Amazon Smile charitable foundation. Every little bit helps, and it won’t cost you a thing.

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