In many parts of the world it is the beginning of Spring — a new awakening as trees burst with small buds and crocuses poke their heads above the ground seeking the sun’s warmth and light in an effort to bloom.

Christraj and Bharat

This time of the year on the Rising Star campus students are also ‘blooming’ as they diligently increase their study time and focus to prepare for exams. The required government exams will be taken by VIII and X Standard students. We are proud of our students! We commend the Rising Star teachers and staff whose tireless efforts contribute so much to our students’ success.
If you sponsor a Rising Star student, please take a moment and send an encouraging email to share your pride for their hard work, A short personal note helps to reinforce positive study habits and give a boost to the student’s education goals.

We hope many of you are preparing for our “Ride, Walk, Run” event this Summer, where you can participate in races and events in your area and donate the proceeds to Rising Star. Look for more information on the blog this coming month. Don’t forget to mark August 20th on your calendars, the date of our fourth annual “Shawn Bradley Golf Tournament,” featuring celebrities, prizes, and golf at Red Ledges golf course in Heber City, Utah.

Warmest appreciation for your support and Happy Spring!


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