10th Standard in India is a HUGE educational year.  This is the year that all your previous school years have led up to.  This is the year that you take the 10th Standard Exam.

The 10th Standard exam is your gateway into higher education.  This test will determine if you can continue, and at what level you are able to continue.  Last year we had our first 10th Standard take their exam and all passed. This year on May 31st, 2013 we received the official results from the Government of Tamil Nadu’s Directorate of Government Examination’s Department.  ALL 5 of our 10th Standard students PASSED!

This news was received with joy and tears.  Many of you know the countless hours that these students have devoted to studying for this exam.  An entire school year is devoted to learning, studying and prepping for this moment. We are so proud to tell you of their success!

Sally Read just moments of being handed the results.
But their success doesn’t stop there!   Not only did our 10th Standard Girls pass, they passed with remarkable scores.  All students scored over 90%! This accomplishment did NOT go unnoticed.  When the staff reported to the Examination Office to receive the scores, they were met with a stream of questions.  What School are they from?  Who are they? And where is this school?  They have put Rising Star Outreach Peery Matriculation School on the map!
Nagaraj and Vadivel explaining their trip to the examiners office.
They have also created a standard of excellence that our other students will use as a benchmark.  They have paved a way for so many to follow, they have proven that these marks are possible.
Overall results of the exams:
Manodaya also received a 100 in Social Studies and 99 in Maths.
Please congratulate our students in their accomplishments.  We have very promising years before us!  The students in 5th and 8th Standards that also took tests marking their status have also all passed.


Our education is working! Through education we are providing opportunities.  We thank each of our supporters for making this happen.


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