“Everybody was excited that the kids were coming on Sunday. During dinner you could hear their little voices on the roof of the green house. Just the sound of the kids talking and laughing made everybody super thrilled to meet them.

The first day of school was wonderful. The kids were just full of energy and happy to be back at school. Some of the new students were homesick, but after a while they were going along with the others. Students were very enthusiastic and did great at their first day of school. All the kids are beautiful and have such great characters. They are just full of energy, excitement and they are so loving and sweet. Each one of them is adorable.

Playtime was especially fun and exciting. The volunteers did a great job entertaining the kids
and you could see the kids loved it. We all played soccer, pushed them on the swing, played
cricket and we played all kinds of games with them. Everybody did an amazing job the first
day and loved what they were doing. The kids were lovely. We are going to have a great summer!”

Claartje America, Community Outreach Coordinator (Netherlands) 

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