Those of you that have been to Rising Star’s Campus of have been involved with the program have hear of  LifeDance which is a troupe led by Promethean Spark International Dance Masters all year long.  This program has dance practice everyday after school for about 1 hour combining strength activities, dance instruction along side life skills such as: leadership, goal setting and perseverance. 
The end of 2013 was the completion of two Dance Master’s instruction, Kellyn Uhl and Peter Mills.  At their completion they choreographed and taught a new dance to the troupe.  Here is their creation:

Choreographers:  Kellyn Uhl and Peter Mills
Title of Dance: “My Sister and the Storm”
Music: “The Bathtub” and “I Think I Broke Something” by Dan Romer and Behn Zeitlin 
Performers: Promethean Spark Lifedance Troupe
Story Behind the Dance: Two sisters are separated and injured during a cruel storm.  After the storm, each sister takes a unique and courageous journey to rebuild her own faith and ultimately reunite with one another.  Throughout their individual journeys, each sister is encouraged and loved by different communities of kind people.  It is through the loving kindness of others and a cultivation of the love that exists within each of them that the sisters are able to finally “come home” again.  — Kellyn Uhl
Why did you select this song/message?: We love this music because it is story-telling music…it is music that evokes an emotional response and it is extremely dynamic and begging to be danced to!  The music itself is a journey and it helps us narrate our tale.  We wanted to choreograph a dance about challenge and growth, perseverance and mostly, love.  The storm is the symbol of the circumstances in our lives that threaten our faith and our love.  The challenge is not letting anything disturb our peaceful nature.  In order for the girls to do this, they learn from communities of wonderful people and through their example they learn to love themselves.  In the end they are reunited and we are reminded that love is the only thing that endures.  –Kellyn Uhl
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