I am Emily Wilson, the Sponsorship Coordinator here in India and I’m here to enlighten your day and give you a little dose of my daily life!

This summer has been off to a great start and every day brings new joy into my life and hopefully to yours as well. Lately in Sponsorship we have been giving small email updates of kids and sending them to their sponsors, so if you sponsor a kid keep your eyes peeled!

Just a few weeks ago we had a group come through called the PC-5, which was formed when five mothers lost their children in different accidents all within five months of each other. Through these tragedies something truly beautiful was born and for the last five years these mothers, along with kids who volunteer, have gone to do different developing countries and helped build schools. Rising Star Outreach was their final trip and led by Ellen Knell, Kaye Knoop, and Kelly Yeates who were especially wonderful and loved the children. Two days before their session ended Ellen told me she would like to sponsor a girl in our LifeDance program because her daughter was a dancer; so we went through and choose a girl from the village named Papitha. The next day Ellen went to LifeDance to watch Papitha dance and after class had ended I got the privilege to introduce them. As soon as I told Papitha that Ellen was her new sponsor, her eyes widen to huge saucers and gave Ellen a huge hug. They then spent the next thirty minutes talking, although I have no idea what they talked about when I came back to the elephant house Ellen had tears in her eyes and told me that it was like talking to her daughter again. All my fears of them not being able to connect since Papitha is such a quiet girl were washed away and I was so grateful to see something so touching. Life is truly amazing and I could not ask for a better job.

These kids are capable of so much and loving unconditionally is one of their best talents, to be a sponsor is one of the fulfilling and gratifying gifts you can have.

Here’s a short Highlight of one of our kids who need sponsors: All about S. Manoj!


Manoj is one of our older boys from the village and quiet as a mouse. His sweet disposition makes him humble and honest but every once in a while he will surprise you with a quick witted joke and a sly smile.


This year he is in 9th standard and always tries his hardest in everything he does. Without a doubt Manoj has never said a mean thing in his life and is always taking care of his little brother Vishva who also studies at Rising Star. Everyone loves Manoj and its not hard to see why. His English is phenomenal and says Math is his least favorite subject.  Sponsor Manoj today!

Hope you enjoyed!
— Emily Wilson
Sponsorship Coordinator


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