Emily Crowder served as a volunteer in 2014, and began sponsoring Vignesh right when she come, and has been sponsoring him ever since.

Vignesh is an only child who loves reading, English, and Science. He is quite a little artist and is especially good at making adorable cartoon characters. He is known for heading out to the center of the playground and pushing the “merry-goround” as fast as he can—much to the chagrin of the younger girls sometimes. He is also a kind and thoughtful friend and loves hanging out with Enocklee, Aravind, and Jeeva. Vignesh aspires to become a doctor. 

What made you select Vignesh K to sponsor?

I chose to sponsor Vignesh because he is a sweet, kind, and quiet boy who told me he wanted to be a doctor when he grew up.

How did your experience volunteering change your sponsorship experience?

Being a volunteer made me want to be a sponsor because I got to build relationships with the children, even if I was only there for a short time. It gave me the desire to remain a part of Rising Star even when I came back home to the States.

How has your choice to sponsor Vignesh affected you and your family?

My decision to sponsor Vignesh has made me happy and has made me feel like I am giving back. I haven’t talked much to my family about the fact that I sponsor him, but I think they are proud of me and proud of my decision.

What is the most meaningful part of sponsoring?

The most meaningful part of sponsoring is just knowing that I am helping to provide a better future for Vignesh.

Why do you find it important to sponsor?

It is important to be a sponsor because it is important, in general, to find ways to give back and participate in community service. Being a sponsor is so easy because it doesn’t require extra time or work, so it is perfect for me as a busy college student, as it allows me to still serve others.

What are your favorite kinds of updates to receive from India?

I love seeing the videos with Vignesh in them. I also love seeing pictures. I would like to start writing to him so that we can have a more personal exchange. I actually wish there were a way we could email each other! (Editor’s Note: You can e-mail your sponsored child at kids@risingstaroutreach.org!)

About our Sponsorship Coordinator

Rachel is currently a student at Brigham Young University and is pursuing a Bachelors degree in Recreation Management, with an emphasis in Nonprofit Business
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