Have you heard the amazing news? The 2013-2014 10th Standard at the Peery Matriculation School has all passed their exams! Not only do we have that good news, but all 10 have been accepted into the prestigious Saint John’s International Residential School in Chennai! You may recognize the name of the school as the one our 2013-2014 11th Standard Girls were attending.

We have been blessed that our 15 Rising Star Outreach/Peery Matriculation School graduates studying in 11th and 12th Standards are all together.

This is an amazing opportunity for our students and we wanted to share a little about what makes Saint John’s such a great school for our Rising Stars.

St. John’s Academy is an international school located in Chennai. The school has students from the state of Tamil Nadu and other states across India. It also has students from Srilanka, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Korea, and non-resident Indians from U.S.A., Arabian Gulf and Africa.

The school creates a conducive atmosphere for competence in academics, cultural understanding, and extracurricular activities.

Saint John’s Academy is spread out over 32 acres and is made up of a school block, hostel block, administrative wing, sports grounds, indoor stadium, and auditorium. The school has classes from 6th Standard to 12th and has a reputation as being a trend setter in education.


Residential facilities include 24 Office, Vegetarians and Non Vegetarian Kitchen and Dining Halls, Departmental stores, Saveetha St. John’s Hospital, laundry services, Salon and Health Club.

Saint John’s Academy believes that a student much work hard in their studies but also must have strong healthy bodies. Sports and games are included in the curriculum and are valued for both the physical health effects and character building. Sports include: Field Hockey, Soccer, Tennis, Track, Badminton, Cricket, Volleyball, Basketball, billiards, chess and Table Tennis.

The school also promotes after school clubs, music classes and offers students field trips and excursions.

Rising Star Outreach is very proud of each of our students for their hard work and the examples that they are at Saint John’s.  The principle has commented that our kids have a thirst for knowledge and they are different from others at school.  They are social and hard workers and they have made many new friends from all over the globe.  He is proud to have them at his school.

Even though our students are studying off campus they are never far from our mind.  They are visited by staff frequently to make sure they are happy, studying hard and enjoying their time.

Managing Director, Dr Susan visiting 2013-2014 11th Standard

Their acceptance into this international school is a great accomplishment and we are excited for the options this provides them for their future.

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