“ Blessed is the season which engages the whole world in a conspiracy of love!”
                                                                                               ~ Hamilton Wright Mabie


At this time of year there is a wonderful spirit of giving because the seasonal celebrations of Christmas, Hanukkah, and Kwanza engender feelings of joy and love. At Rising Star Outreach we also feel the excitement of the season, and because of your help we are providing for the needs of those affected by leprosy and also the important gift of hope.


Recently I spoke to a large group of Rotarians in Lansing,Michigan. They have supported Rising Star Outreach for many years and this month they made a large donation to expand our medical work in colonies located far from our campus and in desperate need of assistance. The motto of the Rotary, “Service above Self,” is inspiring, and spending time with the Rotarians was a special way to begin my holiday season. Without the generous support of countless individuals and organizations, Rising Star Outreach would not have the necessary funding to make a positive difference in so many lives. Thank you! 

The students on our campus recently received an early holiday surprise when our Sponsorship Coordinator, Emily Wilson—and many of her friends, treated the Rising Star students to a holiday party, complete with personal stockings filled with practical items and fun treats!  Kudos to Emily and her family and friends for generously sharing their time and resources.  Our campus was filled with gleeful sounds of cheer and expressions of gratitude.

At the end of December, Rising Star students and staff will enjoy a holiday break to spend special time with their families. The campus will be quiet, but not for long because our “Goals for Girls” group will enjoy a volunteer session during the first week of January. (BTW–Check out our Volunteer Sessions for 2014—our celebratory year! What a great gift to give to your family or an individual child—the opportunity for adventure and service through volunteering at Rising Star. One of our volunteers recently shared with me that it was the “best experience I have ever had in my entire life.”  Sign up now!)

Our Holiday Gift Giving Campaign begins this month and we need your help! You can help with a single one-time gift in four simple steps. Visit our web site at www.risingstaroutreach.org and click on WISHLIST.(On the right hand side of the page under Donate, Volunteer, and Sponsor a Child.) Once you click WISHLIST, it will take you to a page of gift ideas for your friends, family, co-workers, clients, and it’s a nice way to involve children or grandchildren. You can even make a donation in an individual’s name, which is a kind way to show you are thinking of them and that you are mindful of the needs of others. 

If you are interested in EDUCATION, donate money to purchasebooksfor the Rising Star campus library—a gift that will help a child enjoy the magical world of reading, or give the gift of a Classroom Achievement Board, which highlights the work of our awesome students. Our goal is to get one in every classroom!

Another simple way to participate in giving is to Sponsor a Child. By sponsoring one of our students, you give the gift of education, and when you educate a child, you begin to lift the next generation. The sponsorship is less than a $1 a day! Get your family involved and spread the love. 

MEDICAL CARE continues to be a priority at Rising Star Outreach. Our goal is to have not only medicine, bandages, and other medical devises available to all patients, but also a bathing bucket, a towel, nutritional drinks, a warm blanket, clothing, and seasonal wear such as a hat, an umbrella, or a raincoat. Protective footwear is an incredible gift to help prevent infections, and mobility devices such as tricycles, canes, and walkers give patients freedom of movement. Join together as colleagues or as a family to donate toward the purchase of several AED’s(Automated External Defibrillator), a life saving device. With your help every patient will receive proper medical care!  

We often hear the saying, You can give a man a fish and he eats for a day. You can teach a man to fish, and he eats for a lifetime.” By teaching and supporting those affected by leprosy, they become self-sufficient and their world dramatically changes and thereby, the world changes! Begging demeans, but a simple MICRO-BUSINESS lifts the individual and their family, which has a powerful impact on the entire community! Consider in your gift-giving this year a $45 donation to purchase a goat, which will provide milk, meat, and money for an individual. A donation of $160 or only 44 cents a day, will help Rising Star purchase sewing machines for those who would like to start a tailoring business. What a blessing to give someone the gift of dignity—something that is more meaningful than many tangible gifts. 

My heartfelt appreciation to all who give to Rising Star Outreach during this blessed season that “engages the world in…love.”


From all of us at Rising Star: Warm wishes for a lovely Holiday Season!


Sally Read

President of Rising Star Outreach
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