Saturday, July 12th, was Parent’s Day on campus. The children were so excited all week, looking forward to Saturday with great anticipation. On Friday, kids were excitedly telling the volunteers, “My mom is coming tomorrow!”

On Saturday morning, all the children were dressed in their very best and gathered on the school lawn. The parents are no less excited as they stream out of the vans that have brought them from the nearest bus stop. They all come carrying a bag of food and a blanket. The families spread out under the trees and share their meal. I noticed many children happily eating ice cream treats first, since they were already melting in the heat.

As I walked through the group, individual children would call out “Rebecca! Rebecca!”, motioning me over to meet their parents. It was so fun to see that many of our students have little siblings that look exactly like them.

This is Roseline and her younger sister (whose “middle” name is Rebecca!)
This is Abirami and her little “Mini Me”
This is Pavithra and her family.
The families all seem to know each other very well and they happily spent the day lounging in the shade, visiting, sleeping, and watching the children play.

At the end of the afternoon, the parents and siblings pile (and I mean PILE) onto the vans that will take them back to the bus and their long journeys home.

Rebecca, Maria Catherine and Mother

A personal highlight for me was meeting this beautiful woman. 

She is the mother of Maria Catherine. We have been sponsoring Maria Catherine for the last year. She is in Second Standard and is a beautiful child. The mother, with the help of an older girl translating, expressed her gratitude to me and asked me to help Maria Catherine read better and learn English. I was touched and felt a deep conviction to continue supporting Maria Catherine until she graduates.

Maria Catherine and her Mother.

This mother and I are different in so many ways. We speak different languages, eat different foods, have different skin and hair colors. But one thing is the same. We want what is best for our children and are willing to sacrifice to make sure they get it. And for this woman, that sacrifice means only seeing her beautiful girl once a month.

As I looked through my photos from the day, that same love was evident in each of the parents’ faces. I am sure that for the kids and their parents alike, Parent’s Day is the best day of the month.

Velankanni R. and Mother

Ranjith and his Mother

Vinnarasan, Amirthavasan and their Mother.

Goutham, Father and Praveenkumar

— Rebecca Young
India Sponsorship Program Director

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