Sponsor-A-Child Spotlight: Nicole sponsors Suvitha


“[Service] makes you look outside of yourself, knowing that this tiny sacrifice makes the world of difference for someone.”

Nicole is from Washington, D.C., but now lives in London with her husband. She volunteered in India in 2008 and started sponsoring Suvitha shortly after returning home.

Suvitha is an angel.  She has a strong desire to learn and a very long attention span.  Her gentle ways draw the other children in and she is very loyal. When she first arrived at Rising Star Outreach, she was very shy and withdrawn, but now, Suvitha often has lots of energy. Her favorite game is Hide and Seek,where she is always running around and laughing.

What made you pledge to sponsor Suvitha?

I visited RSO in June 2008 with my family and Suvitha was one of the girls I met. I knew I wanted to sponsor someone, and she was on the list!  I lit up when I saw that I could sponsor someone I had personally met.

How did your volunteer experience change the way you felt about Sponsoring Suvitha?
I volunteered before I became a sponsor, so having that experience and knowledge made me understand what my contribution would provide. I knew it could give Suvitha school supplies, healthy food, game equipment, music, comfortable uniforms to grow with her, a bed to sleep on, and other needs I wouldn’t have ever known about if I hadn’t been a volunteer. My favorite activities while I volunteered were reading to the children and watching them play cricket. I know firsthand what helps them grow, what makes them happy, and what brings them joy
Why are programs like Sponsor-a-Child so important?
I think that in everything, no matter what you support, being able to offer something of yourself not only helps them but helps you. It makes you look outside of yourself and, knowing that this tiny sacrifice makes the world of difference for someone like Suvitha. It’s easy to take for granted the things we’re blessed with just because of where and when we were born, and giving back and being a sponsor makes me rethink that on a monthly basis.
How has sponsoring Suvitha affected you and your family?
I love seeing letters and updates come in from Suvitha. I can see that with each letter she is learning and growing, and I really get a sense of her personality. Her letters are so heartfelt and genuine, and I know that must be how she is at school with her teachers and peers. 
What is the most meaningful part of the Sponsor-a-Child program?
Knowing that just $30 a month makes all the difference to someone like Suvitha. It means that she can have the opportunities she otherwise wouldn’t have. It means that a little girl in India can learn and get the same opportunities as a boy from a bigger city. Rising Star Outreach makes a huge difference to her, and I’m happy to be part of that too. 
About our Sponsorship Coordinator
Rachel is currently a student at Brigham Young University and is pursuing a Bachelors degree in Recreation Management, with an emphasis in Nonprofit Business
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