So to start off, tell us a little bit about yourself before you became the Sponsorship Coordinator?

I’m a proud graduate of Brigham Young University-Idaho, where I studied Communications and Public Relations. After I completed an internship with Rising Star Outreach, I was then hired on as the Sponsor-a-Child Coordinator. I’m really passionate about making a difference, and I look forward to learning and growing at Rising Star Outreach. And when I’m not at the office, I enjoy hiking, exploring, traveling. But most of the time my natural habitat is a good book and a steaming cup of tea.

Talking about natural habitats, what is your spirit animal and what does that say about your personality?

My spirit animal is a turtle. Turtles mostly live in water and explore new terrains while keeping a comfortable self pace. They also symbolize longevity, patience, and intuition. I don’t know about the longevity of my life yet, but I’m generally pretty happy being a turtle.

Obviously patience and intuition are great virtues for person in your position. How did you get started here in Rising Star Outreach by the way?

I first heard about Rising Star Outreach through a couple of friends who volunteered with them. They told me how amazing their experience was over in India, and how the organization was a legitimate, honest non-profit. I remember them speaking specifically about how special the kids were at the Rising Star Outreach campus and their emotional experiences with all the leprosy affected in India. I then applied for an internship, got accepted and the rest is history.

And you now are a big part of helping Sponsored Children and their sponsors share those emotional experiences with each other. 

Exactly! Our sponsorship program really focuses on personal contact between the sponsor and their sponsor child. This is something that is really important.

What is the biggest challenge facing the program?

I would say it is the issues of keeping consistently updated with sponsors and because life gets so crazy we often do not receive the changed addresses, phone numbers, or expired cards. This is hard for us to keep track of current sponsors. (Editor note: you can always update your account info by email or call the office at 801-820-0466)

What are you looking forward to, both professionally and personally in the future.

My wish is to have each child on our campus fully sponsored, with extra support coming in as well. I would love to see my, “Children Needing Sponsors” board empty! For my personal life my wish is to always do good and make a positive difference in the lives around me, but… the country, adventuresome side of me will tell you that my everlasting wish is to visit every country, national park in America, learn how to whittle and play the harmonica. Deep down though, I know my true wish is to eventually fulfill my life long desire and goal of blowing up a red balloon. 

Aubrey Nielson began working with us last year as an intern from BYUI. It did not take long before we began to benefit from her many talents. She is an excellent communicator and brilliant graphic artist. In addition, she has wonderful writing and organizational skills.
After her internship requirements were met, she continued to work with us as a contracted employee providing graphic designs for publications. She is a recent graduate of BYU Idaho with a Bachelors in Science and emphasis in Communication. Aubrey has a passion for service and has had multiple experiences volunteering abroad. She is also a is gifted dancer and performer.

Contact Aubrey by email: or by phone 801-820-0466

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