Sponsorship Spotlight: Hellen Crain and Karthik P.

Hellen Crain is both a Sponsor and Donor to Rising Star Outreach

My Rising Star relationship began with another type of star – David Archuleta, singer / song writer.  David was a finalist on American Idol Season 7 and he is a gifted singer with a huge heart. He encouraged his fans to donate to charities and one he highlighted was Rising Star Outreach.  So my first donation to RSO was for a walkway called the Pathway of Hope.

I think we are all inundated for requests for donations.  I research before I donate. When I read about RSO, I was shocked to learn that we still lived in a world where people with leprosy and their families are shunned and outcast.  I saw so many beautiful children on RSO’s website that needed sponsors. $30 a month would help a child and provide them with education, nutrition, housing and medical care. I realized how I wasted money on buying coffee, lunch and things I didn’t need.  I still wasn’t ready to make a commitment.

One night I was on Facebook and RSO highlighted some children that needed sponsors. One picture of a very radiantly smiling little boy named Karthik P. – I could feel his smile from the picture! It was all I needed and I signed up to be a sponsor in 2012.

 I could feel his smile from the picture!

In the last 4 years, I have exchanged letters with Karthik P.  Karthik loves to draw and I’ve received many wonderful drawings from him.  Just to receive a short note or a drawing warms my heart.  Karthik is always smiling – just beaming – in his photos.

 Karthik loves to draw and I’ve received many wonderful drawings

With the help of the volunteers and staff at RSO, I’ve been able to find out what Karthik likes.  Can you believe he loved WWE?  I was chuckling while I sent some WWE figurines and a t-shirt.  Of all the things we could share with the kids in India, who would have known WWE was so popular?
Over these years, Karthik tells me about his school work, games he likes to play and sends me his artwork.  I send him letters and cards telling him about my life and family.  Karthik and his smile have added so much to my life. I am very proud to be his sponsor.

I recently changed jobs and in my new job, I have opportunities to travel to India for work.  I am definitely planning on meeting my Karthik P. in person sometime very soon. He’s family to me!

About our Sponsorship Coordinator

Rachel is currently a student at Brigham Young University and is pursuing a Bachelors degree in Recreation Management, with an emphasis in Nonprofit Business
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