Do you believe in your power to change the world? Well, we sure do! You can change the world one life at a time by becoming a sponsor to a Rising Star. Here are 11 reasons why a STARS sponsorship is the best charity sponsorship to get involved with to make your impact! 


1. India already makes up 60 percent of the world’s new leprosy cases. To make the most of supporters’ donations and efforts, we are building and setting up educational opportunities where they can make the biggest impact for good. Our school in Bihar is located in one of the densest leprosy-affected areas in India.


2. Your monthly payment goes to provide life-changing programs and provisions for some of the most marginalized people in the world.



3. We use a unique blind survey pairing process that allows sponsors and students to be matched based solely on interests and the student’s immediate needs. Students’ preferences in what kind of sponsor they would like to be paired up with are equally considered in the pairing process. 


4. Live video chats from India! You can schedule live chats with your student from the other side of the world. 



5. Our sponsorships are fair and equally distributed where needed most. 


6. Our education program aims to be self-maintaining. To hit the goal of making this program fully sustainable, each student needs four sponsors to cover the cost of their education and boarding.


7. Students go beyond just getting a passing grade. In addition to their required studies, students are taught life skills that will set them up for success after they graduate and make their way into the professional world. 



8. Students have access to a dedicated space on our campuses to practice their spirituality and meditation. Our students come from a number of different religions, and we celebrate the beauty of their personal beliefs and traditions. 


9. Extracurricular activities! Have you ever seen the face of a seventeen-year-old boy who gets to go to the zoo for the first time in his life? We have, and that smile is just as big as the ones that the first graders have on their faces. Sports, arts, dance, and field trips are just some of our school’s enrichment opportunities for children who wouldn’t otherwise have access to these experiences. 



10. Supporters and sponsors can donate to our college scholarship fund and help send students on to college to further their education and meaningful employment prospects. 


11. One of the most powerful ways to address the stigma of leprosy head-on is through the power of education. Providing educational opportunities to those affected by leprosy empowers them with the tools and resources they need to rise up and challenge outdated public opinion and access more resources that have the potential to eradicate leprosy once in for all.


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