as told by our Sponsor-A-Child Coordinator

Some of our students practicing yoga

1. Volunteers Make the Difference

The majority of our sponsorships start as a result of our volunteer program. Some sponsors are former volunteers while others are friends or family of former volunteers.

2. Each Child has Four Sponsors

To ensure that each child has the love and support they need to succeed and make the financial burden smaller on each child, we aim for each child to have four sponsors. At this point, we haven’t reached that goal, but every day we get closer and closer!

3. Your Donation Provides More Than Just An Education

The majority of the students on our campus live on campus full time. Your donation provides for education, clothing, healthcare (including check-ups and dental care), healthy meals, nurture, and the priceless feeling that they can accomplish their dreams.

Our students present their projects to some visiting board members

4. The Birthday and Holiday Fund

Each child’s birthday is celebrated on campus with treats for all the children and gifts for the birthday child. Sponsors may wish to contribute to this fund, which also provides for special meals and holiday celebrations.

5. The Star Store Teaches Responsibility

When sponsors send gifts to their children, the gifts are placed in the Star Store and are reserved for that specific child. The students earn stars for good behavior and performance at school, which they then exchange for their gifts in the Star Store. Additional gifts are available at the Star Store for any child to purchase.

6. The Longest Continuing Sponsorship Started in 2001

The Sponsor-a-Child program started in 2001 and many of our original sponsors are still sponsoring to this day. I’m sure Sathya K. and Pasitha Beevi U. are grateful for the life-long support of these loving sponsors.

Sponsorship Coordinator Rachel (me) and the Sponsorship Board

7. Failed Credit Cards Are The Number One Reason Sponsorships End

While it’s true that a sponsor can choose to end a sponsorship for their own personal reasons, the biggest reason is failing credit cards. Generally, this is due to the issuance of new cards for fraudulent activity or an expired card.

8. We Don’t Just Send You Updates Through the Mail

It pays to check your email because we do send copies of homework, photos, videos, and general updates electronically from time to time.

9. You Can Email Your Child

Everybody loves a handwritten letter, but sometimes it takes a while to correspond when we’re hand delivering mail to the other side of the world. When you email your child, the Sponsorship Facilitator in India prints that email, gives it to the child, and helps them write a letter back. Generally speaking, the children will still write a hand-written letter back to you. Email your child now at

10. Families Love Sponsoring Together

Our favorite letters that come into the office for students in India are from children here in America. Sponsoring as a family is rewarding on many levels as children learn about and sacrifice for another child.

Volunteers are future sponsors

To ask a question or start sponsoring a child, please contact Rachel Moon at or 801-820-0466.

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