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Click here to access your private & secure account. View your sponsored student’s profile, update your billing, shipping, and payment information, or start a fundraiser.

Pitch in for treats & gifts to be shared on birthdays and cultural holidays



This fund provides a birthday treat and present for your sponsored student and their classmates. It also covers other celebrations and holidays observed in India.

Wish Lists

Send needed campus & teacher supplies directly to either school through Amazon.India Wishlist


Purchase needed classroom/campus supplies from our amazon.India wish lists. These purchases are delivered quickly to the campuses where they are needed. These list gets updated regularly.

Star Store

Stock the Star Stores for our student rewards & recognition program


Students can earn Star Store points from teachers and staff by demonstrating responsibility, kindness, and other positive behaviors. They then have the opportunity to turn those points in for a prize of their choice. Items purchased are not set aside for any specific student.

Video Call

Become acquainted with your sponsored student by scheduling a live video call


Schedule a video call with your sponsored student to get to know them in a fun and easy way! We will have someone to translate if needed. For the safety of our students, the call may be recorded and will always have a staff member present.

Start a Fundraiser

Raise funds for our education program or an approved project



Do you want to multiply your impact? Easily create your own fundraiser by logging into your sponsor portal and clicking on My Fundraisers. Creating a fundraiser is an easy way to invite others to the cause and increase your impact at our schools!

Sponsor Handbook

View and download the digital version of our sponsor handbook


Get all your questions answered in our sponsor handbook! This comprehensive guide shows you how to magnify your sponsorship and fully experience the STARS program as a sponsor.

Private Instagram

See updates on our sponsor exclusive Instagram account


Request to follow our private Instagram account @risingstar_sponsor to stay up to date on our students, schools, and programs.

Scholarship Fund

Help Rising Stars receive a higher education for better job opportunities

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Continue to support your sponsored student beyond their high school graduation by redirecting your monthly payments to the scholarship fund. You can make donations to this fund at any time if you are interested in helping your sponsored student’s older classmates.

News & Events

New Program Revamp

You have probably noticed there have been some changes with our Sponsor A Child Program recently. Most obvious is the name change; you are now a sponsor in the STARS Program (Sponsor to a Rising Star). This revamp is going to include a more interactive experience for both you and your sponsored student. Click to read more to see all the wonderful changes and additions we have added to our program!

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Instead of choosing your next sponsored student through a picture directly as done in the past, you will be matched with a student you have similarities with based on a comparison of survey results. You will have the opportunity to have frequent video calls with your sponsored student. Additionally, you will also have an easy way to respond to your sponsored student when they send you a Quartley Correspondence – just turn it over and reply to the same prompt, take a picture, and email it to us! They will love to hear from you!

A Summer of STARS 2021

This summer, you will have the chance to connect with your sponsored student in a new and exciting way. Starting June 17th, we will be hosting FREE events intended to help you learn about and celebrate Indian culture. By participating in these activities, you will gain a better understanding of what life is like for the student(s) you sponsor. Most of the events will be held locally near our office in Utah Valley, but we will also be hosting two online events for our friends and supporters who live too far to come in person.

Virtual Learning

With the pandemic rampant in our schools’ regions, we are taking the necessary measures to keep our students and their families safe. Through the generosity of sponsors and donors, we have provided our students with tablets to use for virtual learning. Our quality educators are providing lessons and homework through online platforms and we couldn’t be happier with our attendance rates!

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After establishing wifi and hotspots in the remote locations of our students’ communities, our students are able to attend their virtual classes from the safety of their homes. Our attendance rates range from 70%-90% each week. We are doing all that we can to reach and support all of our students. We will not stop until we reach a 100% attendance rate because we don’t want any child falling behind in their studies.

New Sponsors Needed

Do you know anyone who would love being a part of an immersive cultural experience like our STARS program?

Sponsorships Are Still Needed

Rising Star Sponsors make the strongest advocates for our students. Here are four ways you can use your powerful voice to find more sponsors for students in need: 


  • Invite your friends to become sponsors
  • Share about your sponsorship experience regularly on social media
  • Give a sponsorship as a meaningful birthday gift
  • Sponsor more than one student