Families that serve together stay together! Here are 6 benefits of spending time together as a family to serve others. 

1. Strengthens your family’s foundation:

Service is not just about giving back; it’s about teaching values through action. By engaging in service activities together, parents demonstrate to their children what they truly value and the importance of taking proactive steps to make the world we share a better place. This shared commitment to making a positive difference in the world strengthens the family’s foundation and instills a sense of responsibility toward creating a brighter future for all.

2. Adds perspective:

Engaging in service activities as a family creates opportunities to see the world from a broadened perspective. It allows each member to step outside their bubble and see the world with an increased appreciation and understanding. Whether embarking on a humanitarian trip or participating in a local community clean-up, witnessing and attempting to ease the challenges others face is an immersive lesson in awareness and empathy.

3. Service can make a life-long, positive impact on young lives:

Engaging in service activities has numerous benefits for children, extending well into their adult lives. Research has shown that youth participating in service projects tend to perform better academically, experience increased self-esteem, and develop valuable life skills such as leadership and teamwork. Parents set their children on a path toward personal growth and responsibility by instilling a spirit of service early on.

4. Bonding through shared experiences:

While game nights and shared meals are cherished moments, there’s something unique about the bonds formed through service. Caring for individuals, whole communities, and the planet we call home creates deeply rooted bonds as service opportunities become memories and an important part of your core family values.​​These bonds can create an open and safe environment where family members feel free to express themselves, share their thoughts, and build trust with one another.

5. Sparks deep conversations:

Engaging in service often leads to thought-provoking discussions, especially with children. Through their experiences, kids may ask questions about poverty, discrimination, and other complex issues. These discussions provide valuable opportunities for parents to impart wisdom, encourage critical thinking, and foster a deeper understanding of the world beyond the confines of the classroom.

6. Increases health and happiness:

Engaging in service can improve one’s health! Studies have shown that acts of kindness release endorphins in the brain, increasing happiness and overall well-being. Additionally, participating in physical service activities, such as volunteering outdoors or participating in charity runs, promotes physical health and helps to reduce stress levels.

“I visited Rising Star Outreach when I was a kid and kept going back because it not only changed my life but helped me grow in ways I could have never experienced at home. Truly was an invaluable experience that brought so much added love and meaning to my life!” – Monica 

If you’re looking for an international opportunity to significantly impact the lives of others and discover the beauties of India, check out our Rising Star Outreach Abroad program! Strengthen your family’s bonds and create memories you’ll share forever. The care and service you offer on your trip will create real change, impacting families and communities for generations to come, including your own.

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