We Need Ambassadors Just like You!

Because of big-hearted ambassadors who have stepped up over the years to lend their unique voices, talents, and resources to Rising Star Outreach, we have been able to make a significant impact in the lives of thousands of people affected by leprosy.

It is through your conversations, volunteer work, fundraising, and continued efforts that we will be able to finally eradicate this destructive disease and the ignorant stigma that has followed these people since biblical times. 

There is still a long way to go and we need your help more than ever. We hope that you will make the decision to become a Rising Star Outreach ambassador and join us on our mission to empower the people affected by leprosy to live healthy and productive lives! 



1. Social Media engagement

  • Follow our social media accounts.
  • Share our posts.
  • Like and comment on our posts, the more you do this, the more people it will reach! 
  • Share our online fundraisers
  • Let’s collaborate! We love partnerships so if you have a blog, let’s feature each other!
  • Subscribe to our newsletter so you are easily informed about Rising Star Outreach’s accomplishments and needs.


2. Start A Conversation

Have conversations with your friends, family, and peers to educate them about the realities of leprosy.

Far too many people are completely unaware that leprosy still exists! If the public is unaware that leprosy exists today, then they are also unaware of the people affected by the disease are cast out of society, often forced to leave their family and career behind, forcing them into a life of loneliness and begging. In order to eradicate leprosy and the stigma, the public needs to be aware that those two issues are relevant and still taking lives to this day.

3. Host your own fundraiser

We need more ambassadors of Rising Star Outreach to host fundraisers for general funding. Fundraisers not only raise money so we can provide essential supplies and services for the leprosy-affected but can also play an essential role in helping our organization connect with even more people in a memorable way.  More connections mean more resources for those who need it most.

There are so many creative ways to raise money and host fundraisers. The easiest way to host your first fundraiser is to utilize Facebook’s “Create A Fundraiser” feature. You can even set this up for your birthday or other special occasions so your friends and family can celebrate you by donating to a cause you believe in! Name a better gift, we’ll wait. 


4. Participate In Our Events

We will post regularly about upcoming events on our Ambassador Facebook page. As an engaged and dedicated ambassador, you can expect being some of the first people to find out about volunteering opportunities for our live Utah events. We will also be relying on your help and support to attend and/or promote these events. Make sure to join that page so you don’t miss out! 


5. Invite Us To Speak At Your Event

School campus events, church activities, “cottage” events, community gatherings… We are passionate about outreach and love sharing inspirational Rising Star Outreach stories about overcoming obstacles, breaking the barriers of stigma, and sharing empowering messages about how just one person is enough to spark real change in the world.

There is no event too small that we wouldn’t like to help you with. We have event resources you can download, print, and use for your event and we have wonderful representatives that can travel (or zoom call from) just about anywhere in the U.S.

Reach out to us and we can work to coordinate something amazing! 



7 hours ago

NEW! Healing For The Holidays Weekly Challenge Reveal!
We wanted to give our ambassadors here the first peek at our "Holiday Challenge For Good Calendar" so you could start brainstorming how you can utilize your unique voice and talents to participate. This is our most important campaign of the year where we need to raise essential funding to keep our life-changing programs going and we really need ambassadors like you to be able to hit our goal.
As a thank you, everyone who participates in six or more of these challenges will be getting a one of a kind gift at the end of December. So mark your calendars and let's make, a big impact this holiday! Go Team Ambassadors!
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1 week ago

New Campaign Coming Soon!
Hello our awesome ambassadors! We wanted you all to be some of the first people to know about our upcoming "Healing for Holidays" campaign starting Monday Nov 2nd. It will be a fun and exciting campaign intended to raise awareness and essential funding for our cause as Rising Star Outreach! More details coming on how you can participate!📷
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2 weeks ago

Welcome to our newest ambassadors! We are so happy to have you in the group! Introduce yourselves in the comments below so we can get to know you! :) ... See MoreSee Less

2 weeks ago

Hi Everyone! My name is Lindsey Bohn. I will be promoting this Ambassadors page and reaching out to you ambassadors to help Rising Star attain it's full potential and touch more lives!

I am from San Diego, California. I love to run, hike, play violin, and country dance. Volunteer work is my passion so I love and appreciate your willingness to serve. I am very excited to get to know you all and I am ready to guide you on this journey! :)
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2 years ago

Connect. Share. Do some good!

Join our Facebook Ambassador Group and connect with other Rising Star Outreach friends, participate in discussions about our charity, learn how you can uniquely support eradicating leprosy in India, and help our non-profit gain some much-needed exposure with helpful monthly missions and goals.

Message us below or send your email to our ambassador coordinator

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