“It is remarkable to see so many students believe in themselves and to give their very best.”

November President’s Letter

This month we had a remarkable TEN Rising Star Outreach students celebrate victories in various district and zonal athletic competitions! We hear from our Physical Education teacher that we are developing quite the reputation in the local athletics arena, where teams will vocally lament our very appearance at the competition.
While athletic accomplishments do not represent our highest aspirations for these young people, we commend their hard work and we celebrate their belief in themselves. Historically, children in their situations have been written off as bringing no value to their society. Thus, it is remarkable to see so many students at Rising Star Outreach who have learned to believe in themselves and to give their very best. We are so grateful for their successes and public recognition.

As you may know, these children are also excellent at winning hearts! Our long-standing partnership with the Marriott Hotels throughout India was acknowledged recently with a visit from the general managers of many of these properties. They celebrated with the children, presented a gift of support, and offered several services. Their kindness and generosity made us all feel like winners again!
On the other side of the globe, Rising Star Outreach had the privilege to participate in the first ever Give Salt Lake event. The event involved a Pitch Competition where participants vied for generous support from the Forever Young Foundation. We were honored to be selected from the six remarkable charities in the International/Rescue session as the winner of the Judge’s Choice Award. We thank the Forever Young Foundation, the Give Salt Lake organizers, the judges, and everyone who believed in us!

As many of you take time this month to reflect on all that you are grateful for, please know that we are grateful for you. Feeling like a winner is such a rewarding experience, and your generosity and support help us to feel like winners everyday!
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