December 2015 President’s Letter: Historic Opening of Higher Secondary School Celebrated

The word “up”, despite its length and simplicity seems to deliver a powerful message of optimism, improvement, and advancement. At Rising Star Outreach we strive to help people up. In some cases taking them literally up out of the dirt, up off of the streets, up from a place of poverty and degradation, and up to new horizons, new opportunities, and renewed hope for a brighter future ahead.

Peery Matriculation School
Biology Class with 11th Standard

Since 2004, Rising Star Outreach has been educating young people to raise them up. Our school has grown, not only in capacity of students able to attend, but also in opportunities available to those students to move up. Today we celebrate the next great advancement that has moved the Peery Matriculation School up to another level.

On November 5, we opened a Higher Secondary School to educate children through standards 11 and 12 on the campus of Rising Star Outreach!

Inaugural Ceremony

We have hoped for and looked forward to this day with great anticipation, and celebrate the wonderful events that have transpired to make it a  possibility. This is not just an advancement in opportunity for these young people, but a step up for all of Rising Star Outreach. Having a higher secondary school as part of our complement of educational opportunities advances and enhances the prominence and prestige of the Peery Matriculation School.

While most of our former students are now studying in standards 11 and 12, and will complete their studies at other fine institutions in Tamil Nadu, we are grateful to welcome ten optimistic young students into the class of 2017.

Class of 2017
Our new 11th Standard class

These advancements and improvements are only possible because of the support of friends and donors, like you, who lift us up! We express our thanks to all who have helped in this wonderful endeavor.

Monsoon Relief Fund

Monsoon in Southern India
Monsoon waters hit southern India

On a separate note, November has been a remarkably heavy month of monsoons in southern India. In addition to all of the other wonderful ways you help us, if you are in such a position, we invite you to consider adding a gift this year to our Monsoon Relief Fund. This fund is enabling our Indian team to respond to the various needs in diverse colonies, to help them up as they recover from an exceptionally heavy season of rains and flooding.

Please go to our Gift Guide and consider adding some additional support this year for Monsoon Relief.

Rising Star Outreach relief Aid
Rising Star Outreach relief aid

This special holiday season gives us another chance to pause and thank each of you for your help as we LIFT the leprosy affected, ELEVATE our students, and RAISE the hopes, dreams, and aspirations of so many who have so little but can become so much.

Thank you for being part of this wonderful mission that is moving UP!


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