We just received the most wonderful news from our President and Founder, Becky Douglas, about the teacher training that happened before the new school term began. The following is taken from her recent email:

Our new Education Director, Dr. Jayaprakash, has just completed two days of amazing teacher training.  The comments from the teachers have been so exciting.  They’re getting training in the ability to create more interactive and involved classrooms.

Dr Samuel Johnson, a nationally recognized educator, came and spent the first day with the teachers explaining the science behind learning and how different types of learning are processed within the brain.  It apparently opened up a whole new awareness of how important it is to construct learning activities that actively involve the students.  While this is long standing educational process in the U.S., it is a relatively new concept in India, which has relied on rote memorization as the principal means of teaching ever since the British first established schools there.  The teachers were excited to learn about how important their choice of methods can be.

The second day was devoted to brainstorming, practicing, and creating learning activities that helped students internalize concepts being taught.

Dr. Jayaprakash’s reaction to the teacher’s receptivity and enthusiasm was exciting:

“I am pleased to inform you that the two days of training worked wonders. I will send you the feedback I received from the teachers, They are different people now. The motivation level of the school raised to the next level. Please take a look at the trailing mail. This is from the most silent person in the training program…makes me so happy.”
“The two days training class  to the teachers  of Rising star has been very useful informative–interesting and innovative  [This is] a very good change for the  academic year 2019/2020. The Child Psychology was applied in learning and teaching.  The Audio and Visual Aids of teaching were highly effective [and of great] value to understand.  We are all very thankful to the Principal for arranging the two days training!”

As shown above, the response from all the teachers was overwhelmingly positive.

From one of our teachers, Sumatha:

 It  was unforgettable training.  We were all motivated, encouraged and stimulated by [so much] information.  I would like to say thanks to you and management   It is hard for me to express.

We’re all looking forward, along with the teachers, to this new school year beginning. It’s looking like it may be one of our most successful ever!

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