One time a year Rising Star Outreach has the opportunity to host the BYU Nursing Program in India.  These nurses are here for three weeks to learn, teach and assist those in need that are affected by leprosy.  They are put to work in the colonies and on campus and they travel to far away leprosy colonies to deliver aid and education. 
Here is the group with the addition of some special guests from Texas and President Sally Read and guests.
Everyday they spent here was a marathon of duties.  From vaccinations, medical trips, hospital visits and tours to student physicals.
These nurses have talent!  They are able to administer the majority of immunizations and other testing that involve finger pricking, without tears or unnecessary fear.

I think one of their tricks were Spiderman Band-Aids… they love superheroes!


Education for the Rising Star children included: First Aid, CPR, Snake Bite Care, Personal Hygiene and many more. 

 Thank you to the BYU Nursing group for your expertise, knowledge, care and most of all time.  We are very grateful for your service to keep our patients healthy and our student.  You spent many hours in the care of others and we appreciate the work you have done here.

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