Thanks to all who have stepped up to empower Rising Star Outreach to respond to the needs of those afflicted by the recent flooding and monsoons in Tamil Nadu!

Dr. Susan oversees the distribution of rice

Dr. Susan reports that the staff has been blessed and have had their spirits lifted as they have been able to travel to some of the hardest hit areas of Tamil Nadu and provide relief to those who have been suffering. Immediately after the floods began to recede, Dr. Susan began conducting medical camps and delivering rice, beans, oil and medicines to Villivakam, which was devastated by the floods, and several other colonies we traditionally serve. Dr. Susan reported that many of the residents of these colonies who are often more serious and gruff where emotional in their responses to the service, thanking and even hugging those providing aid.

In addition, this past week Dr Susan reports the following activities that they were able to do because of the support of generous donors who responded to the call:
  •  Flood Relief Camp was conducted in Thotanaval, Sadichivakam, Vadathavur, Allenchery, and Senthankulam villages around Rising Star.  249 patients benefited from the camp. 
  •  166 patients and students participated in the flood relief camp held in Venkatapuram Leprosy Colony and Gnanodaya School. 
  • 201 patients attended the flood relief camp conducted at Pudhupattu.
  • Conducted a flood relief camp in partnership with Pfizer and Americares at Irunagutukottai Gate and 250 patients attended the camp. On the same day a parallel camp was conducted in Malaipalayam near Madurantagam Lake which overflowed and flooded the village, where  353 patients were benefitted.
  • At Thandalam village patients visited our flood relief camp and at Satthammai village patients were present to receive the medical consultation and flood relief.
Rising Star at the scene
Now the work of restoration and rebuilding will commence. Thank you for your outpouring of love and support at this critical time of need! May your holidays be bright and merry, and may you be blessed as you have blessed these tender souls in India.



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