We recognize that because of the current situation and adjustment to our new “normal” during the pandemic, donating money may not be an option like it once was. While monetary donations are definitely crucial to being able to carry out our work, there are lots of important ways that you can get involved to help carry this work forward! We have received messages from so many of you who are still eager to get involved and serve the leprosy affected, so we wanted to share a list of valuable ways that you can be involved with Rising Star Outreach’s mission.




This first one is easy! Go to smile.amazon.com and select Rising Star Outreach as your charity of choice and AmazonSmile will donate 0.5% of the price of all your eligible purchases to our cause. We know online shopping has become a standard for many people, and now you can turn those purchases into a boost for your favorite nonprofit as well! You can help bring home and dignity to people affected by the stigma of leprosy just by shopping online. Click here for more information on how! 


Smith’s/Kroger Rewards

Do you shop at Smith’s or Kroger? Well, now you can grocery shop with a purpose! Smith’s will also donate 0.5% of every purchase you make with your Rewards Card. You can choose to have these donations given to Rising Star Outreach by using our NPO number: RE928. We have a step-by-step guide that will walk you through this process – it is quick and simple but will make a lasting impact on those we serve in India!

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Networking Connections

An important part of what makes RSO’s work possible and efficient are the partners that we work with – whether that be corporations, foundations, or other nonprofits, to name a few. But we need your help in making some of these connections. You can be of major assistance to RSO just by introducing us to who you know! These networking connections might include contacts at event venues, musicians, corporate heads, social media influencers, business owners with resources we could use in India or locally for events to cut costs, restaurants or food trucks, leaders of other NGO’s that work in India or who have unique business models that might compliment our work, and so forth. You may just be the link to a meaningful connection that we need to propel our work forward! Reach out to tawnafowler@risingstaroutreach.org if you have a connection you would like to share.


Facebook Fundraisers

Nonprofits are always in need of funding to carry out their work, but not everyone has the means or ability to make a donation (or at least one that matches their enthusiasm for the work!) No problem! Do an online fundraiser on social media – make it fun and full of personal connections so that your friends and family feel drawn to the cause through you! We will be glad to help you explain and share what the money is going towards. 

Do you have a birthday or anniversary coming up? A fun holiday that matters to you? Celebrate it with an online fundraiser! Invite your friends to donate to Rising Star Outreach in honor of your big day. What better way to celebrate than by using your day as a platform for good? Believe us when we say, fundraising has never been easier – all you have to do is click here to create your own Facebook fundraiser.


We always encourage fundraiser hosts to write a personalized message about why Rising Star Outreach is special to you and why you are asking for your friends’ support. You can add that message in the “Why are you raising money” section when you set up your fundraiser!


Host a Special Event 

One of the most important ways we get our message out to the public is through people like you serving as ambassadors for the work. One way that you can do this is through hosting your own RSO event to share the message about our work. While observing COVID-19 safety guidelines, you can definitely host an event online as well as start brainstorming and planning an in-person event for a time when everyone is able to gather again!

Events can include dinners or brunches, speaking events, online concert fundraisers, and more. We have speakers living in locations across the country who are also available to attend your event (either online, or in person) depending on your location. There are lots of ways you can get creative with this – and we would love to talk with you about them. If you would be willing to host an RSO event, please contact tawnafowler@risingstaroutreach.org.


Talent Wanted

Do you have a skill or talent that you would be willing to share for a good cause? We are always excited about collaborating with creative minds! There are lots of creative ways you can use your talents to help propel our work forward. 

We are currently looking for individuals who would be interested in creating a video or other downloadable resource for our online Rise to Wellness initiative. We are also interested in working with a musician who could write a “theme” song for the students that attend Rising Star Outreach’s Peery Matriculation School! 

Are you good at making apps? Organizing and hosting events? Photography? Making displays? Or just have free time to share? We can use your gifts and talents to help this work. If you are interested in sharing any skill or talent, email lexies@risingstaroutreach.org for more information!


Online Drive

Host an online drive where you request and collect specific items that Rising Star Outreach is in need of! These items may include bandages, feminine hygiene products, books, etc. Typically it is best if these drives are done using Amazon India so that the items can be sent straight to our campus. However, we ask that you always reach out to us before you begin so we can work together to determine what is needed in India at the time of your drive, and if another option might be more needed at that time. Shipping items to India is not something that we are able to do, currently, so online options are best. You can reach out to Tawna at tawnafowler@risingstaroutreach.org to get more information about Rising Star Outreach current needs.


Follow & Share our Message Online

Follow us on all social media platforms and share the social media and blog posts that make an impression on you. Studies show that on average it takes someone being exposed to a cause seven times before they become involved! You can help us share our message so more people become aware of Rising Star Outreach and have the desire to join our mission. 


Start the conversation with your friends about leprosy! 

So many people are unaware that leprosy still even exists! If they are aware of the disease’s current existence, they may still not know to the extent of how severely it affects the lives of so many individuals and families. Enough conversations could create the awareness that would ultimately lead to change and the eradication of the disease and its stigma! 


No matter how you decide to support Rising Star Outreach’s mission of empowerment and equality, your efforts will leave a lasting impression and be a part of the change we are working towards. We look forward to hearing from you!





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